Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hedges Delights

Hello everyone. I've been looking at my photofiles and found some nicelooking hedges. Maybe you will appreciate them too, as i did when i first saw them in some gardens and our own. Included in ours are the Hippeastrum sp., which we call Lirio, orange Lantana, Tagetes erecta we call amarillo, Pachystachys lutea or candle flower, Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Petunia.
Tagetes patula
Hippeastrum puniceum

Odontonema strictum

Lantana camara (orange and yellow)
Tagetes erecta
Pachystachys lutea
Tecoma stans
Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Euphorbia species
Petunia species


  1. Hello Andrea,

    I love the pictures of hedges you posted. We grow many of the same types of plants. We are in a semi-tropical area in the Arizona desert, so many tropical species thrive here.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I made sure to follow you on my blog. I look forward to more posts :0)

  2. Andrea, those marigolds are my favourite. I like them very much! The darker red at the centre makes the blooms look even more attractive. Nice hedges of Hippeastrum sp. I notice the colour of blooms is quite special. I have only seen the red one here. Thanks for retrieving all these nice pic from your file. Have a great day :-D

  3. Andrea, the hedges are blooming like crazy here. Are they all from your garden? It's nice to see so many yellow bells, and similar flowers all in a single row. Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Thx for visiting my blog and the comment. To answer your question and wanderings... well....I am an Indian, nonetheless an ardent plant lover like yourself...:) sharing the same platform n intersts @ blogger / blotanicals.

    Hey... i loved the hedges that you have covered in your fantastic blog. Didn't know lilies could look so good as a hedge :) Thx for sharing. Merry Christmas n Happy 2010! Cheers! Radhika

  5. hey..beautiful flowers.. i like to see but do not know how to love and plant them.. :)

  6. Andrea, my post published on 25th Dec is dedicated to you. Merry Christmas!

  7. I had the second pic. flowers in my garden and often visited by sunbirds.
    Hope more flying visitors come to enjoy these flowers.

  8. Fabulous shots again, Andrea! Though I love marigolds and lantanas as they're butterfly magnets, but have ceased planting them as these annuals are short-lived in our garden.
    I'll be signing in as your follower shortly to enable me to visit you easily in return as you've not included your blog's url whenever you leave a comment at our garden blog.
    Thanks for visiting us though and much appreciated.

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind comments here. I am glad more people are now able to see and read my blog entries. Thanks most especially for Autumn Belle, who inspired me a lot in posting plants and flowers, and letting more people in here. I tried replying via celfon while i'm on Christmas hybernation, but i failed.

    Stephanie, Autumn Belle, Evergreen Tree: the orange lilies have been with us since i was born and i thought they are endemics. Actually we sometimes treat them as weeds and we cut them and dump elsewhere. We dont protect them like other ornamentals! How dumb we are for treating them like that, because they have always been there! I just realized from Katarina that it is a Christmas flower in Sweden. If only i am enterprizing i will be able to get some wealth out of them...hmmm that kept me thinking!

    Autumn Belle, thanks for dedicating your Christmas post to me. May you be fully blessed in 2010 onwards, not only with health but with wealth, hehe.

    Azplandatlady, James, Jacqui: thank you so much. Most of them are from our property, not really garden but property, because it is not well-kept as a garden should be.

    Jacqui, i didn't know my name did not appear in my comments to your posts. I thought it is automatically indicated. Am sorry, i also thought i already put my name as a follower there!

  10. Stunning photographs and lovely to see at this time of year - cheers me up in winter! Happy New Year.

  11. Andrea, happy new year to you! I hope this new year will bring you much more joy and fulfillment in everything that you are doing and plan to do.

    Btw, some plants just grow more heathily in some place than another :-D Like your lily, I am sure the plant would struggle in my garden (hot!).

  12. Thanks also Charlotte and Stephanie. Charlotte's formal gardens give a glimpse of the world i want to visit now but still cannot, maybe next lifetime.

  13. Hi Andrea, Thanks for your visit today. I'm unfamiliar with Hipeastrum, but I'm going to look it up. We are in a very cold zone (used to be 4, until recently changed to 5a). Daylilies are hemerocallis. ;-) I would think they'd grow anywhere.

    You have a wonderful collection of hedges! You must have a lot of room in which to garden. Have a great weekend!


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