Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I toured Rome alone!

I have been out of blogspot for about 2 months, and was reading Angels and Demons for the 2nd time. I appreciated it better this time. I even got my Rome book trying to look at the photos of the scenes being described by Dan Brown. I was so engrossed with it that i had to review my old photos of Rome. It has almost been 4 yrs, but the memories kept coming back. The significance of the whole visit was not only down memory lane, but a healing experience, because it is a visit to a pastlife!

However, the whole story will not be posted here. It was only revealed to a few souls, souls who understand, who relate in understanding past lives.

I am very lucky to have FAO as my base, because it is just walking distance to the center of the ruins or the Roman Forum, the Colloseo, the Campidoglio, the museums, Basilica Aracoeli, etc
The Coloseo is just one block away from FAO, very convenient for someone like me who doesn't know directions and afraid of trains and buses!

From the Colosseo i just followed the tourists, later on finding out that it was the Via Sacra, or the Sacred Path, which passed by the center of the Roman Forum to the top of the Capitoline Hill. The Constantine Arch (above) is located near the entrance to the ruins.
The above was the site of the Roman Forum, the center of the Roman Empire

I entered maybe 4 or 5 museums including the Museo Centrale del Resorgimento and the Instituto Luce, but did not stay much in some interesting finds because i need to cover much space in so short time. With a Rome book in tow, which i just bought inside the ruins, i learned where i am currently in.

I was the only Filipino among the tourists, and maybe i am the only one not belonging to a group. And...i am the only one who wears a hat because of the hot sun, and sometimes putting my black jacket on top of my head to lessen the heat! Their looks seem to say "why is this tourist afraid of the sun, when all of us are welcoming it! Amazing!"

The She-wolf at the top of the pillar at the Capitoline Hill is feeding twins, Romulus and Remus, when their father was overthrown. They were cared for by the Shewolf until found by a herdsman. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitoline_Wolf
At the top of the Capitoline Hill, designed by Michaelangelo with his famous Capitoline stairs, are 3 museums facing each other. At the topmost portion of the hill at the top of another 124 stairs is the Basilica Aracoeli, where i realized i lost my wallet. Later, they said nobody gets their lost wallet in Rome! My case was different. I got it back from the police, through excellent translation by Alvaro, my savior in Rome to assuage his past sins! It was a case of outright serendipity, deja vu, realization, enlightenment and healing. To many, finding your lost wallet in Rome is a miracle. For me, understanding so many questions at instant is the miracle (enlightenment), but actually it is just a fact of the universe. Intuitions are gifts and following them will put you at the right path!
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