Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sunset Positions from my Window

Skywatching again!

You all know how fascinated i am in oserving the movements of the earth through my sunset views. Those of you who have been here in the past when i posted these sun's positions appreciated them, my photos. I hope some of you will be here again for this post. As there's no other way for me to choose, i only have the same position where to put my camera, and that is my 5th Floor West Window.

So these are the changes not only of the cloud conditions in each particular day of the month this year, but mostly the sun's positions in relation to the very distinct landmarks in my horizon. This is my small observatory, and i am doing this yearly. I am not only chasing Butterflies, i also chase the sun! 2017.

Note: These are all unedited photos straight from the files, not even cropping!









Below you will notice two almost identical shots. I noticed this only when i was choosing the photo to be representative of each month. I realized that i have many photos to choose from in April, and the sun's positions are clearly changing on top of that middle building from among the 3 prominent landmarks in my horizon. So it was in August when the same position was attained by the sun on its way back to the original position, far left of my 3 structural landmarks.

The sun was farthest right in June, the month when it starts to go back to the left. And in August it was at the same position at that building. My impatience was not able to wait until December, for me to say if the sun will be able to be back at the original position in January. I am sorry about that, but i will later update you on the happenings for the next 4 months. Please stay tuned!



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