Friday, March 27, 2009

Coincidences at La Mesa Eco Park

One Saturday Karen and Shawie asked me to go to the La Mesa Eco Park. It is a river plugged or blocked at the lower end to keep water from flowing out. In other words, aborted flow or nature made to stop.

There are unusual corners or nooks i found there not only amuzing but more of unusual. I thought about them as correlations. One exists without the other, and maybe unusual events really happen there! The nooks can only be the fixed omens, which foretell the events to come. Serendipitous? Maybe yes, only to the uninitiated! There is no such thing as coincidence.

Normal flow of water stopped!
Stairway to nowhere! ...and where does this path lead you?
Karen's zipline knotted leaving her hanging for sometime, not without fear of falling into the water, and the harness tightening deeply into her flesh!

Yes it was fun! But are we sure we are fully having these things under our control?!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Requiem for the Environment!

You will really lament with me when you see the photo of an unusual mangrove forest (this is also from the place described in the lower post). It is not unusual in the world anymore, it is a common site even in remote beaches. The sea is a common property of the world. Wherever the current goes, debris from other areas go with it. No matter how responsible some people are in the other side of the ocean, they will not be spared of the rest of the world's garbage. It is just but time that they will also reap what others inflicted. It really is disturbing. Can you visualize what the organisms under the water surface are experiencing! We should really start acting now!
Also, the very nice multicolored stones at the beach of Malimatoc, Mabini, Batangas are being plucked by nearby residents for buyers from the cities. They sell it by truckloads. The stones are used for beautifying their houses, garden landscapes, and many other purposes in the cities. I can only feel depressed at the possibility of loosing these stones from the presently beautiful beach. The next generations will not be able to see such beautiful stones anymore.

Please view large to appreciate the details.

An Endless Seashore

 W e went to Bgy Sampinit, Bago City, Negros Occidental for official business, to help the owner manage her intellectual properties, e.g. a trademark or patent. We were amazed at the area. Our contact person had a private beach property where she process a traditionally known food, which she labeled as Gourmet Tuyo. Tuyo is dried fish and maybe common only to Filipinos. We said "Tuyo binds all Filipinos everywhere", and that is a fact only we know.

The beach is so wide at low tide, and the sunrise and sunsets are really marvelous. I had to wake up before 5:30 to see the egrets leave the mangroves for their daily food search. At the same time in the afternoon they return to their mangrove sanctuary. It is also wonderful to join some women searching for shells or sandworms for food. They showed me how the sand looks like when what they search for is under it. However, i really failed the test. Whenever i pointed at something, they say it is not the one. Later on when i did it alone i already found them, unfortunately the women already left to see my finds.

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