Monday, February 20, 2017

Bonsai Parade

This post was inadvertently neglected for last year's line-up. The Bonsai Exhibit at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines, was last April 28 to May 11, 2016. It was simultaneous with the Cactus and Succulents Garden Show. In a couple of months they will be having an exhibit again, so i need to post this now.

That time i actually accompanied a friend to a lecture on cacti and succulents.  Even the heat didn't deter me from shooting, and i also saw some real photographers and videographers perspiring a lot while doing their job. This bonsai exhibit showed plenty of plants than previous years. I am not so addicted to bonsai, but i confess i am now smitten. It looks like the most endearing and favorite collections are all brought here, in one place. They look so fragile that transporting from their gardens to the exhibit site is surely very difficult and the plants were stressed much. Oh how i pity the caretakers!

several long tables in white settings served as bonsai background

L: objectives of the society; R: a flowering bougainvillea bonsai

the ordinary Ixora becomes so elegant in this bonsai arrangement

a forest bonsai dish is my personal preference, if i will do mine it will be a forest

i am biased with this arrangement, the forest type

but i love to look at them all, this looks so very very old now

this looks like a ballerina doing pirouette

this ficus bonsai is luxuriantly leafing red

the foot of an old Singer Sewing Machine has found a new purpose in this elegant landscape corner

Those mushrooms are luxuriantly growing at the foot of a bonsai, makes them so elegant too. I guess i know the secret why the mushrooms grow there, i have a guess, as i frequently see this in the farm.

look at the mushrooms in relation to the bonsai size

There's a lot more styles in the exhibit, i just chose some to post here. Do you agree with me with their elegance. I know different folks have different choices. Now which are yours? 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hortikultura 2017

The Horticulture Garden Show, Hortikultura 2017,  is ongoing at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines from 3-15 February 2017. It is sponsored by the Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. This is an annual show that features landscape and flower arrangement exhibits as well as commercial booths. There was also on the spot painting contest that i saw last Saturday. I have been a regular visitor to these garden shows, and this year i stayed there for 2 days last weekend. I was with a friend and it was also a time to bond with plant enthusiasts and hobbyists. We also attended lectures of my two friends way back from the university. They are both plant breeders, so i also learned from their lectures.

In the past garden shows i normally go there mostly to take photos. This time i somehow forgot my camera in the bag. I just used my celfone and did not take a lot of photos as before. Now i wish i had taken photos of the more organized and more artistic arrangements of the commercial booths. Moreover, there are a lot more booths that participated. A nearby street is closed for the additional commercial booths not accomodated in the original enclosure. Also the center walkway in the original commercial booth area was widened, and a centralized overhead netting was installed for the plants. It was a better experience this time than the previous shows. It provided better ventilation for the people traffic, and much easier experience in appreciating the plants and flowers. PHSI needs a well deserved congratulations.

I am sorry for the quality of my photos, as it was very hot at about noon when i took these shots.

 one of the landscape exhibits showcasing mostly bromeliads

my favorite landscape design because of the elevated bridge crossing a supposedly canal

This is also very attractive showcasing the airplants. I love how they used those ducks as focal points.

...and look at those lovely colored Tilandsia ionantha on the duck's head! 

a pair of this planter was outside the door to the lecture hall

this orchid attracted my attention as i saw it for the first time, sorry i forgot to look at the name tag

of course this is the pride of the country, our very own waling-waling, Vanda sanderiana

an oncidium species well located for that trunk as background

i also love the color of this chrysanthemum, i didn't take photos of other colors, just this

another tilandsia as part of a big clump on a big driftwood, i purposely took only these two

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More 5th Floor Window Sunsets

When time doesn't give me much option to do things i love doing, i post sunset photos direct from my drive. I hope some of you remember my sunsets. I love photographing them again and again, they come in so much variations and they change so fast in a matter of minutes.

the moon joined the landscape

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