Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Quarter Sunsets

My city home is a condominium unit situated at the west. It is not really a choice location in terms of heat specially during the dry season. Afternoon heat is absorbed by the cement walls of the building that will not dissipate until late at night if we will just leave it on its own. This means high use of electricity that makes our bills escalate in seasons like now.

I would not like to dwell on the worldly negatives, so i focus on my view which is a total opposite of that in the East. I totally own the sunsets, and they happen everyday without failure, lol. On top of that, all sunsets are different by the minute, and that depends also on the clouds, the wind, the environmental conditions and the month.

A few years ago i posted the differences in position of the sun relative to the tallest structure of my horizon. Here i will try to show these differences for a quarter, starting in January this year.  I guess the photos, which are totally straight out of the camera, will tell you some facts and some very interesting observations.

These are all Straight Out Of The Camera (SOOTC) shots.

my west view in one morning with the setting moon 

 Those are the tallest structures in my horizon. The left is the Iglesia ni Kristo Church, while at the right is a condominium unit. The position of the setting sun varies only along those structures. 

 my west view in one cloudy day

03 January 2016

In January, the sun is much much far away to the left of the church. I had to cut the right building to let a bigger view of the sun.

 14 February 2016

After a month and 2 weeks, the sun is already at the leftmost position of the church.

05 March 2016

Three weeks after, the sun now is farther away to the right of the church.

 31 March 2016

Three more weeks after, the sun is much farther away to the right of the church, already near the right building.

09 April 2016

One more week after,  and it already positioned itself at the top of the building.

my night sky after sunset

I am still observing which month or week in the coming months will the sun be moving again to the left. There is not much space left for the sun to move farther right. If it suddenly returns to the original position in January, then the earth would have turned or revolved so quickly, or it could mean the earth's revolution moved backwards. There is a thing in astrology as "retrograde", i wonder if there is also a physical retrograde movement of the sun. This is just a layman's perspective and in no way mean something near to scientific. I hope the earth will not flip, or the sun would be seen not in the west anymore! Can you imagine the sun setting in the South or the North! That would probably be the end of us!

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