Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aesthetic mushrooms...anyone?

The three above photos are soft mushrooms on decaying tree trunks. The normal colors are as you see them in these photos, reddish-brown. However, i am not really familiar with mushroom classification, so i am sorry about it. What i know is this is not edible but very helpful in the food chain as every organism is!

The 3 top photos are also brilliantly reddish-brown, also hard and still grow bigger than this present photos. They are also very beautiful with their fan-like structures. The stem is not at the center but on the other side. They are growing in dead coconut trunks in these photos. I am not sure if these are edible.

The above 2 photos, in contrast with the previous 2 mushrooms, are white under the crown but grayish brown on the top crown. These are also hard, fanlike but instead of a stem one side seem to be fully attached to the coconut trunk. It looks like the Ganoderma species which is medicinal and has been encorporated with food preparations like coffee and other medicinal supplements.



  1. Autumn Bell, thank you very much for teaching me the process of changing my site. I am not fully satisfied yet but at least i was able to follow large parts of the instructions. Ha ha ha...they are XL now!

  2. I was going to tell you that your photos now are large and clear. It is now more lively too. Congratulations you did it!

  3. You presented these mushrooms in a very beautiful way. I also have some pictures of different varieties of mushrooms, but no information about them.
    Thanks for the add, I add you too.

  4. Andrea, I am wondering if you can identify some of the UFO's in my Friday Dec 11th post.


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