Monday, July 11, 2016

Rainy Season Finds

Life in this part of the world is more alive during the wet season. The plants are more succulent and hydrated, able to show their natural sheen. Animals like insects are plenty, food is luxuriantly available, and a lot of species fly and roam around. It is only time which limits me from taking close-up and macro shots. A lot of them are waiting even just at the turn of a leaf.

Hippeastrum roseum (more accurate name Rhodophiala rosea) emerged from its dormancy after the first heavy rains. Those anthers full of pollen are still waiting a little more time to burst the pollen grains. 

 Even a fallen salvia flower is still tender and lovely

 The bee and the ant seem to be talking about the nectar available in this Turnera ulmifolia bloom.

 A young grasshopper, still without wings is already surveying for possible food

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