Saturday, October 1, 2011

Heart Attack at Midnight

I was submitting a comment on someone's blogpost, which I don't remember whose, when suddenly it stopped. Further clicks didn't went through. Later on it said that my blogsite is deleted. Attempts to open the site again were all futile. I went through lots of log ins, password verifications and blogger asking for my mobile phone number, promising of a verification number through an SMS. I went through several attempts of putting the verification number and everytime i put the 6 numbers, it says i submitted the wrong entry. Then Blogger sent me a new one whenever the last one failed. I got a total of nine (9) verification numbers from 12:00 midnight to 2:00am.

I even already sent an email to One and Autumn Belle because at one point they mentioned having experienced it in the past, or I think Autumn Belle did. I am sure they will see my message tomorrow morning, as it is midnight and  most people are now asleep.  I also thought of calling PlantChaser, but he is sleeping now too! I attempted to post a question to Blogger Help.  After reading questions related to my experience, replies there were still not satisfactory. Nothing seemed to solve my problem. Besides, most of the questions happened a few years back. So, I posted my question even with the thought that help from that option might also be futile. It was just a last resort just like a gamble. It was also an attempt to convince myself that i don't give up. But Everything failed!!!

When I decided on my failure, My Account in Google suddenly appeared. I haven't seen this for a very long time. I have been blogging for years, but looking at this page didn't seem necessary. I actually didn't change any entry for fear that i might aggravate the matter. My understanding of computer system is so very 'low-tech' that even simple things like this scared me! OMG, does it mean years of blogging and all those photos I've painstakingly accumulated in those posts were all gone! All the things I've felt that time was tantamount to having an attack! Fortunately, the blood pressure did not went with it with the same force! I even started  blaming myself for not following Autumn Belle's suggestion that we must all do the back-up. I actually did it in the past but all I got in my hardware are long lists of computer language, which did  not make sense to a computer-lingo-challenged person like me! I confess my computer IQ is really very low!

I am getting nowhere,  so I just closed all the opened sites, telling myself to calm down and accept whatever happened. I've been robbed before and maybe that's just like that! I have already spent two hours trying to retrieve it, but to no avail. It is already 2:00am and i should be sleeping. A consolation for me is that tomorrow is Saturday, so I can maybe recover the lost hours of sleep.

Wonder of wonders, when i tried opening blogger again, it slowly opened at the dashboard site. I almost fainted, now with relief and joy! I clicked View Blog and it opened, just as I know how it was in the past! Now i am home, the feeling of security, trust and reliance came back. It maybe just tricked me, or that is what I decided to believe. I didn't know what happened, and I don't want to know anymore. What I know now is I have my blog back, Andrea in this Lifetime is RESURRECTED. Now this is a new life. Maybe i should start making a back-up, or change my blogsite title. This time it will be....Andrea's Life Too, or maybe Andrea's Other Life...Haaay what do you think? I feel so sleepy. Buzzzzzzzzzzz. Ngorrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk!


  1. Andrea, I almost had a heart attack seeing your 'Heart Attack' title appearing at my Blog List. I did not receive any e-mails from you. Could everything have been a dream?

    I had lost one post before because Blogger was down for 2 days. I redo that post. It'll be sad to lose everything. But it'll be an opportunity to start a new lifetime with nicer shots. :)The first post would be entitled, 'A New Beginning'.

  2. Happy Saturday One, happiness of all happiness, my heart attack stopped just in time! Maybe you can decipher what is happening to me, please help, on a deeper sense i suppose! You mean even my emails sent through a different link failed! OMG, what is happening. But your comment is very sweet, inspiring and yes very reassuring. Thank you very much.

  3. Oh my, what a terrible problem. I've never had this experience before but I would be incredibly shocked if this happened to me. Fortunately, nothing bad really happened.

  4. Andrea - ashamed to admit that altho I know, from frequent sad posts (like this one of yours) reminding me that I should, I don't backup properly.

    My low-tech, works for me solution. My photos are in a folder sorted by blog posts. The text is stored in Word, sorted by month.

    Temporary glitches are frightening, but glad you are sorted now!

  5. welcome back! i had a similar experience a few weeks ago, i thought i was hacked! i had palpitations but decided to sleep it off. the next morning, i was able to access my blog again. it's Blogger, i think.

    stay dry this weekend!

  6. Oh Andrea ~ I am so glad nothing really happened to your blog. These kinds of things do shake us up though.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. Aaron - i think I should try hard to back-up our sites, it would be easier for you to understand how it is done. You don't have much baggage in your brain yet. lol

    Diana - yes that might do, but i would like mine to also look the same thing as it is now. It's nice to know i am not alone in procrastinating.

    Luna Miranda - hehe, i am back! I think mine was really deleted by blogger, and it went okay again when at last the verification number hitched in their system! I hope i will be wiser in my 2nd life!

    FlowerLady - yes it was a big shake with magnitude of intensity 8 in the Richter scale. I've experienced earthquake with intensity 7 and this one hit me more. Thanks for the assurance.

  8. Good to know that all is fine...

  9. When I read your comment in SR's post...I quickly tried to open your site! haha! Luckily it was just one of blogger's tech glitches. It happened to me too a couple of years ago. :) I think "Andrea Strikes Back" is a good title...ala Star Wars. hehe!

  10. Andrea,

    Sorry to hear you had such problems, glad it worked out. I had a much worse problem with google they locked out my website I built over a good number of years. It had a bug that might have been hacked onto the site, could not find it so I deleted the whole site.. It is back up 1/4 of what it used to be.

  11. That happened to me last week.

    I panicked, because it was just before I had to leave for work. I thought I'd lost two years of posts.

    I did do the phone verification code thing, and I was able to get things back up.

    After I got home from work, I figured out that someone hacked into my google mail account, and because Blogger is linked to it, it temporarily shut down access to my blog. Problem is fixed, now that I changed the password to my google mail.

    I just wish they wouldn't have scared the hell out of me, thinking they deleted my entire blog, because that's what they made it sound like. The help boards are crap.

  12. Yikes! That is scary. I thought someone close to you suffered a heart attack. I'm glad it wasn't any of that, but I think I would freak out like you did if this happened. THIS IS A LOT OF WORK!! I'm also surprised that it's happened to others. Nasty business. I'm glad everything is up and running and you're okay. Get some sleep.

  13. Oh thank goodness that your blog's intact! Reading about is was scary. I remembered Autumn Belle's post about backing up the blog. Hopefully, you must have done it.

  14. Randy - oh that must be really scary, with your so outstanding photos just to be deleted, OMG. It's good it's not the butterfly gallery. At least mine came back after my heart attack, haha! Thanks Randy.

    Kyna - this is your first visit here, i appreciate your comment. I also replied to you in your site. I think it was also my google account which was hacked, and blogger decided to delete my blogsite.

    Chris of Rohrerbot - thank you for the thoughtfulness. You should also start backing-up your site, you are more diligent and have more posts. It will be fatal if yours is deleted, haha!

    Kanak - yes it is scary, and Autumn Belle experienced this also a few months back. You should take precautionary measures also.

  15. I can remember one day going to my dashboard and my blog was gone too. It is a heartstopping moment isn't it. My blog was still online but it wasn't linked to my dashboard.

    Keep this page for a reference Andrea in case this ever happens to you as once I filled this in my blog appeared back on my dashboard even though I hadn't forgotten my password

  16. Hi Andrea, it's me again! Just stopped by to tell you that when the blooms are cooked they smell like any other vegetable. No fragrance (that we associate the blooms with) remains.

    Happy week ahead!

  17. Good grief, Andrea! Your title sure did give me a start, but I can relate to the panic you felt when you thought you'd lost your blog. I am backing up my blog as I type! Have you figured out how to do that? If not, let me know, I'll help. When things go screwy on my PC, the first thing I do is reboot. If that doesn't work, I walk away and hope things sort out by themselves. Google/Blogger has been doing funny things;I think they are working on the architecture and it sometimes fowls things up. Others I know have had trouble posting comments. It all comes with the territory of technology. Now it's Sunday night, so I hope you're calm and already well rested after your nightmare. Once again, back up! I just did. :-)

  18. That must have been a bad experience. I am glad all is well but I would have done as a few others, just waited it out assuming it to be a WP error. WP, like Blogger has redundant servers having backup info, so it is unlikely it would affect all the backups that they store. I have a file on each post, but that is only for person reference, not as a backup. I would never reload old posts and just go on with the new ones. Life does not need to be so complicated I think.

  19. Andrea, I did it! It was a bit scary pushing the button, but the data has been saved. It literally took two seconds. Fortuneatly, your misfortunes helped me. Thanks for the post. I didn't know you could save your blog if something happened. Now I know.

  20. Ouch! Glad all is well. A warning to all of us ... !

  21. Sorry for your scare but glad it has worked out. Technology can be and is great, except when it doesn't work. Have a great week.

  22. leavesnbloom - Rosie thank you so much for that link. I am glad some people who read my post like Chris of Las Aventuras took heed and backed-up, but is still haven't coz don't know yet what to do, will study it now.

    Nature Rambles - are you also Kanak, thanks for that reply. I remember those fragrant desserts in Thailand which really smell like perfume!

    Francisca - thanks for this, i emailed you privately last night.

    Donna - at the moment, what happens to blogs is a very small aspect of life, especially what is happening now in many flooded towns here in the country. A lot of people are still in evacuation centers, and many children and elderly already getting sick. Climate change and a lot of us are responsible for that!

    Chris - how did you do it?

    Joey - yes a warning. Chris above already took heed even ahead of me. I am studying how to do it just now because i have a better PC here.

    pumpkydine - yes you are very right, and those who have low Computer IQ like me suffers the glitches, haha!

  23. When I read about your problem on the comment you left on my blog I immediately checked your blog. I'm glad everything is back to normal.

    Sorry to hear about your start of the weekend bad experience. Blogger must have been doing something with their database again without informing their users.

    It's a wake up call for the rest of us who don't regularly make a back-up. I spent much of the evening making a back up of each of my post that I haven't backed up yet, it's over a year of posts.

  24. oh my, that sounds awful. sorry to hear about your blogging woes but good thing that your blog is up and running again. infact, this kind of news is nothing new with blogger. Can’t remember how many times I’ve heard people complaining about blogger deleting their blogs.

  25. I googled the problem and found the button. Go to the settings tab. Hit the export option which is next to import and.....delete. Be careful!!! I hit export and saved the thousands or millions of data bytes into a folder which took literally several seconds. It's now in a folder safe. I believe that if the blog disappears, I can "import" that info back into the field, but nothing will happen:) Because everything will be unicorns and butterflies on this end:) Knock on wood.

  26. Andrea, I just got a heart attack seeing this post. I'm so sorry your midnight heart attack is already over when I see this. I didn't receive any email from you -something must be very wrong that day! i only got your facebook message about doing the repose post. If such a thing happen to me again,I'd panic too. It had happened to me a few times already.

    1. To back up your blog:
    From your dashboard, select Settings, Export Blog, Download Blog and save it to a folder in your hard drive or pendrive. You MUST learn to do this. It is very easy and fast. This is important because if anything happen to your present blog, you can create another blog instantly by importing the backup to your new blog. All the comments will still be intact.

    2. Another time when it happened to me, I had to delete all my web browsing history and cookies before I could see my dashboard and access my blog.

    3. One day, I was practicing on my test blog when I was switching between posts too fast when my screen suddenly went blank. My blog was quarantine for a week before they gave it back to me. Luckily it was a test blog.

    Thank God you are ok!

  27. Next time just go ahead and text. My wife and I usually sleep late. She is the techie between us and she sleeps very late, most times even way past midnight.

    What happened to you is definitely scary but much less scary than my first thought seeing the title that you or someone close to you had an actual heart attack. Back up and stay healthy.

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