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I love learning new information, whatever they may seem like. Horticulture is my major field in College. Research work after graduation obliged us to finish graduate schools, where I both specialized in Postharvest Physiology. A scientist's work doesn't allow us to have our own time, as our project owns us. We sometimes don't know anymore the differences between nights or days, Christmas or Good Fridays, even a dead relative cannot give us a passport to go home. Ethylene and ripening progress or retardation were embedded already in our psyche. A few more laboratory working years and sleepless nights could have burnt me out, and i transferred to Research Management. Here we evaluate research proposals, fund, monitor and evaluate their progress. This serendipitously allowed us to visit most places in the country, until we almost reached all nooks and crevices therein. Lately, I am assigned to Intellectual Property Management, the last step for the R & D continuum. We now evaluate technologies for their potential to get IPR, as in patent, utility model, trademark, etc. We help scientists, researchers, owners also to manage their IPs and apply for suited IPR for their IPs.  I still evaluate studies for science sake during National Research Symposia, but that is the nearest i can get to the former world i have been in.  Sometimes, i miss the laboratory and my instruments, but i will not ever miss the all night working hours getting gasses from samples to read how the fruits or vegetables respond to treatments. I will not miss either the all night blending of samples for future chemical analyses, nor the whole day standing in front of the sink washing laboratory wares. Even if I abhorred that experience, we fondly recall it and will still be looking back for the enrichment it gave me as a person, and to my thinking mind as well. The mind trained as a scientist is certainly an asset, unless it is not!  

Email: abagillon67@gmail.com
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