Monday, January 23, 2017

Purple Allamanda

True to its color, this is named Allamanda violacea, synonymous with Allamanda blanchetii. It is viny and climb if there is enough support. I got interested here because mostly of the raindrops on the young flower buds. 

 The reddish purple color give it a 2-tone color making the blooms more attractive. It even turns pinkish later on after opening. The flower has a deep throat resembling a bell. Its cousin, Allamanda cathartica, is yellow and often called yellow bell.

 Even the fallen flower still shows the 2-tone color at the back side. 

Here is the main plant showing lush growth.

One very important consideration in planting this plant is its toxic properties. Every part of the plant is poisonous, so care must be exercised in planting it in areas with young children. Playing with it especially the toxic sap must not be done. Everybody must be informed of this characteristics.
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