Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hello Singapore! continued

The first part of this topic was posted earlier (Part I, plse click here). I opted to post a continuation because there are more pictures that might give more information. Actually this includes mostly those we visited at the end of the day at the Gardens by the Bay. These include the Supertrees and the OCBC Aerial Walkway. It was spectacular for me while still in the experience, so i hope i can impart some of my feelings through my pictures.

Gardens by the Bay covers 101 hectares of reclaimed land adjacent to the Marina Reservoir.  The team who planned about these gardens have exceptional futuristic ideas that they were able to manifest through the technologies already present today.

some of the Supertrees, made of structural metals and steel, a feat of 
engineering and architecture

trunks of the supertrees have vertical gardens automatically maintained by computers

a ground view of the OCBC aerial walkway connected by two supertrees

the aerial walkway

I already admitted in the first post that i have some height freight, so these super-elevated walkways are challenging for me. Moreso, the walkway has some slight movements as it is suspended and attached only on two ends. I always hold on the rails even if its length is closely covered on both sides. 

 Marina Bay Sands Hotel viewed at the aerial walkway 

The number of persons allowed to the aerial walkway was controlled. We were lucky to be on top when the sunset horizons changed colors.

 sunset horizon colors are changing now
am so glad to be on top when this happened

Even the moon surprised us by its presence
 view of the ground from the aerial walkway

Viewed from the top, this looks like a giant soup bowl with toppings. 

Together with the rest of the tourists, we stayed as toppings in the giant soup bowl as we viewed the Rhapsody of Light with the wonderful music. 

 The color changes and permutations are certainly more spectacular and awesome in the actual show. My photos will not justify the reality of the sight. You need to experience them yourselves!

 After the Rhapsody of Light we took a taxi to the famous hawkers food plaza in Singapore. There are lots of people, seemingly all chairs were taken by different nationalities, young and old. This is at the other side of the garden, and the view is also exceptionally wonderful.

another view to the right of the Marina Bay Sands

We can already go home, it was already a complete experience. 
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