Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unusual colors even for us!

Hello everyone! I have always been unprepared in this blog business, so i often get inspirations from you my blogger friends. When the intention and moment for posting arrives, i just look at whatever i have in my files...and just upload and post instantaneously.

Today, as i opened Autumn Belle's, i was reminded that it is the Hot, Loud and Proud moment again. I need to be in a hurry as i am only using a few minutes in between my main preoccupation. Actually, we are not allowed to do this personal things during office time using office computers. But i am using my laptop, so i am just using time, for that, i am sorry!

Of course, Autumn Belle inspired me with her hibiscus post, as home for her romantic grasshoppers! So, i am posting hibiscus as well, this time with the NOT VERY COMMON COLORS. I hope with this you will be inspired too, for whatever purpose! Take care everyone. May you be fully blessed.

Common color

inverted pose

 variegated-dainty color and pose

 uncommon color

maybe common, but inverted unexposed pose!

Noel: i am joining this for the Hot, Loud and Proud Meme. For the rest of joiners please visit or HERE

Monday, September 27, 2010

An Orchid too!

This orchid has been with me for several years now. I bought it from a vendor selling botanicals fresh from the mountains. I even wonder if this is endemic or indigenous in the country. It is very resistant to long dry seasons and can withstand neglect. The white flowers bloom in the morning but close when the sun sets. So it is a day-orchid. But the flowers look so simple and delicate. Maybe it is very good for breeding.

The leaf morphology looks like a  Phalaenopsis, but when it flowers i lost all that i know. I have long been trying to look for its name but i failed, because maybe i did not consult a taxonomist here yet. Anybody who is familiar with this, i will be very gratefull if you help me identify it. I am calling klaraau01 of who has a lot of orchids in his garden. Maybe you can help me baptise this one. Thank you very much.

Post Script and Acknowledgment:
This has just been identified as Pteroceras unguiculatum, found in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, a province next to ours-Batangas. Identification was  kindly done and facilitated by  Klara of The reference she graciously gave via her comment here is an excellent one, which has not come to my attention till now! It is a very wonderful resource, and i just realized the many orchids which died with my "uncare" actually are endemic and rare, as seen in that reference. Thank you Klara, you are such a wonderful resource too! I am very happy my "little orchid" now has an identity!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Time for Orchids Again, Cattleya species

Continuation of the previous post:

You are all very familiar with these orchid type. Even if the main color is the same they usually differ in the color and shape of their lips.

If you will enlarge the above white, there is a caterpillar happily enjoying itself at the pollen cap

They are also used in flower arrangements, which make a leaf bundle look so special (above)!

...and the bamboo pieces (above) look so elegant!

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