Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Time for Orchids Again

I have not been posting orchid photos for sometime. So i would like to refresh your memory again especially with Philippine orchids. Every single orchid flower is amazing; in form, color, habit, sometimes scent. Most people are amazed with their beauty, but when many flowers are placed together in a lump in space, they are spectacular. If only i can stay in the place longer i will, but i just sneaked in from the office, and i need to be back to work. I am disappointed for not being able to get nice photos, and i blame time for that, hehe, not my inexpertise with photography!

This is the Mid-year orchid show of the Philippine Orchid Society. It is normally 2x a year.
 This is a species of Bulbophyllum. Look at those very long leaves and hairy flowers. The fern hanging on the left is Tillandsia sp.

The exhibit is in a half-dome structure complete with lectures. There are also flower arrangements, garden water falls, bonsai and some landscape structures. The commercial booths are around the exhibit dome.

                                                       Left:  Mokara sp ; Right : Rhenanthera sp.     
 Vanda hybrids

 Left: Dendrobium sp. Right: Oncidium sp.

 Left: Dendrobium sp.; Right: Rhynchostyllis sp.

(More will be coming next post)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Continuation of my Idyllic Landscape

Batanes, Philippines sinked in so deep in my heart that instead of posting in again flowers, ornamental plants, fruits, vegetables, orchids; i opted to continue sharing with you some scenes i took. There are still a lot of photos, as we stayed there for 3 days during the Backpack Photography Workshop. I confess i am not yet knowledgeable with my camera, which i bought only in April, much moreso with photography. But it is not an excuse not to take photos. It is one thing sure, it is learned by practice. I hope i can give justice to the beauty of the place, and further hope they will merit your enthusiasm.

Fundacion Pacita is very accomodating to guests, whether tourists just wanting to roam around

We were privileged by the rainbow to be at the right time at the right place. The group of houses is the Fundacion Pacita Complex, as viewed from the Basco Lighthouse.

expanse of Batan Island landscape as viewed from the Lighthouse

One of the churches in Batan Island, Mahatao Church

Carabaos freely roam at what they call Marlboro Hills, but it is fenced at some areas

How do you like the clouds in Batanes?

This is a normal feast in Sabtang island. We had 3 lobster meals for 3 days, in addition to a lot more dishes. And it go very beautifully with yellow rice.

A newly constructed stone house in Sabtang, as tourism office
The Basco Lighthouse

A carabao oblivious to the full moon, which we all cherished. We had a difficult time chasing and disturbing the animal so it will raise its head for the picture, but it didn't budge.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Idyllic Landscape

Instead of showing you the usual flowers and plants, i would like to share with you occasional landscapes from my travels. This time it is Batanes, the northernmost islands of the Philippines, between the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. This is composed of a few islands but only 3 (Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat) are inhabited. It is actually nearer to Taiwan at 190km than the northernmost tip of mainland Luzon, which is 860km. These islands are mostly coral reefs elevated above the water through time and aggravated by volcanic eruptions.

Fresh seafoods are plenty in Batanes, especially lobsters and some species of crabs. It is also famous for stone houses with very thick walls to withstand strong typhoos visiting the islands. The Ivatans (people of Batanes) are real kind and accomodating, and they are known for having zero crime rate. Batanes is reached by SEAir flights from Manila.
The "Marlboro Hills" a grassland for cattle, carabaos, horses and goats
Nakabuang Arch in Sabtang island
Nakabuang Beach in Sabtang Island
Mt Iraya, an active volcano but erupted a century ago
one of the many lovely coves in Sabtang island
Valugan Beach in Batan Island (the main island)

The Dakay House, oldest in Batan island, a UNESCO Heritage, the owner still lives there
Fundacion Pacita, a hotel-museum, owned by the Abad Family. Other buildings are not in photo

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot, Loud and Proud for July '10

Our normal inclination to participate in this meme by Noel Morata is to display colors and shapes. I have done that in the past months. And entrees from everyone are all beautiful, wonderful and awesome. I tried my best to make an entry everytime, no matter how busy things are like.

This time i will try to post those with characteristics in terms of scent and fragrance, as in that case they are all Hot, Loud and Proud. Those who are familiar with their scents, please tell me how they affected you.

Do you notice the graduation of color from white, diminishing at the last and proclaiming the vivid vibrant hue. I would like to believe that the scent is also correlated in that progression.

Kamya, garden lily or Hedychium coronarium

Grand Crinum Lily or Crinum asiaticum (found in Batanes, Philippines)

Crinum lily

Rhynchostyllis gigantea

P.S.: My sincerest gratitude to Bernie of Bernie's Garden for identifying the 2nd photo as Crinum asiaticum. Thank you Bernie.

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