Monday, December 14, 2009

Farming in a Basin

FYEO means For Your Eyes Only.

These mushrooms look so vigorous that they really can be very productive if farmed. Look at those young growing tips, they seem edible. But however beautiful and luscious these mushrooms are, it is better seen than eaten. Probably they have medicinal values like most mushrooms have, but i did not research on them as i still don't know how they are called. Generous ID souls are welcome, thank you very much.

The above mushroom grow on trunks of living trees, however these at the bottom live on decaying logs.

They are 2-3 cm in diameter and look so elegant. They are only in our backyard and they have been there for at least a week. They could be poisonous, because nothing seemed to touch it at all even chicken, ants and insects. Probably they will just go to the food chain when they die and will serve as food for other fungi and bacteria.

                FTM or For the Mouth

These types are the FTM or For the Mouth variety. This is the oyster mushrooms or Pleurotus species. They are commonly sold in the vegetable section of the supermarket. I tried growing them in the bathroom corner for an experiment. If i will be successful then harvesting and cooking will be very handy. Besides, i will be able to observe them all the time whenever i go there.

I place first the mineral water bottles to serve as support so the bags will not touch the floor. I put a big basin of water on the side to provide high humidity to the atmosphere so the mushroom will not dry. As i leave in the mornings and return in the afternoon, they are just like pets which receive my foremost attention. I water them before i leave and upon my return, that is their food. I enjoyed my project immensely. For another post on this farming please click HERE.

The photos below happened when the bags were not yet opened and i left for the weekend. A single mushroom cannot stand sufocation anymore and sprouted at the tip of the bag. When i arrived it was already very big, mature and dry. I just took the photo and opened both ends of the bag so the other mushrooms will also grow.

It really is very rewarding and fun to be growing mushrooms in your own kitchen. You can just harvest whatever you need and put the rest in the refrigerator for future use. You will also develop a skill that will be yours forever! You can also call yourself a mushroom farmer, whatever the size of your farm is. Never mind if your farm is just a basin!


  1. Hello Andrea! it is good to know you. Those white ones are pretty. They look like thumb tacks. Did you grow those mushrooms from those sold at supermarket or supplier selling young mushrooms? What growing medium did you use to grow them? So wonderful to grow mushrooms in the kitchen :-D Have a pleasant evening!

  2. Andrea, your pictures are getting better and better by the day. Hurray! The FTM that you are growing looks extremely delicious. It is my favourite.

  3. Ohh! Those delicious mushrooms, I can think of few of my fav. dishes.
    They taste good when served/cook fresh!
    Good luck and hope that you manage to get more different varieties!
    Merry Christmas & a Wonderful Happy New Year!

  4. Andrea, my post today, about daisies is dedicated to you.

  5. Thank you very much everyone. I am glad that there are a few people now who read and look at my blog.

    Stephanie, the mushroom bags are sold by some farms who produce them in the laboratories. They are produced asceptically in controlled conditions so only bigger farms have the capacity to make them. But i know how to do them though i don't have space and time. This way i can shorten the process and still get the fresh mushroom while having fun attending and watching them grow.

    James, yes i really love those dishes too. Actually i only grow the For the Mouth Mushrooms and only once in a while. The other photos in my blog are FYEO, maybe poisonous. I just took photos from the wild. BTW, i love mushroom wiht broccolli, spinach, small shrimps and soysauce. Hmmmm!

    Autumn Belle, thank you for appreciating my photos. Thanks also for always being there, guiding and inspiring me. I am lucky to have found you, i increase blogtraffic, hehe! Yes, your dedication is much appreciated. I am inspired to post again.

  6. Hello Andrea, very nice blog you have! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment.

    Mushrooms are amazing. I think it's so cool that you are growing your own mushrooms! Edible mushrooms are extremely beneficial for health.

    Morel mushrooms grow wild on my mom's property. Mom and her husband harvest them, and when there are too many to eat fresh, they dehydrate them so they last a very long time. They use a food dehydrator, but they can also be dried in an oven set at a very low temperature. Morels are delicious, and very expensive here in the US, and they are so lucky to be able to harvest them for free!

  7. Wow! I'm amazed that you've succeeded in growing your own mushrooms, Andrea! I thought that the FTM species can only be grown commercially, having been acquainted with them during a recent trip to Ganofarm (a local mushroom cultivation farm) last October (
    Great pictures, the white ones against the dark background are stunning!

  8. hii,

    a fellow photo blogger. just visited you here and found some nice snaps. Can we link exchange in the blog roll. Please inform if you willing

  9. hi,

    the mushrooms are cute. Came to say that you in my blogroll now.. hope pixelshots will be here too.

  10. Hello Andrea, and thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. It is so very nice to meet you and visit your blog.

    Your post on mushrooms is delightful and one in which I am very interested. We have often thought of purchasing a 'kit' that can be ordered, but they are quite expensive here. For now we will admire them in the landscape and gather them at the grocery store. ;)

  11. Dear Andrea,
    Those pictures of flowers are brilliant and really beautiful. Could you introduce Filipino food in your blog too?


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