Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some other exciting leaves in excesses!

This is a fern struggling to outsmart the ocean of grasses! It seems to be alone but i think it is not lonely. Actually it looks like it is doing great!

Tropical vegetation is really like this, the survival for the fittest is really the law. Be fast to reach for light and water or else someone else will be there first.
These grasses seem to be growing too fast that they have really outsmarted the others. This is an almost vertical slant of land and these grasses are welcome residents to avoid erosion when the rain comes.

Ferns grow luxuriantly here, that even in between concrete stone pavements this fern looks very healthy.

Butterflies seem to be frolicking happily in the myriads of grasses. These butterflies are fond of dried dill stems that even after you disturb them, immediately they will be back. These are the Ideopsis juventa manillana and Hypolimnas bolina sipping through them as if they really depend on it when there are a lot of flowers around. I wonder if the effect of the drying dill on them is like a hypnotic aroma!

Even this cat is fascinated by the grasses or so it seems. Or how will we know what the cat thinks. Sometimes it just look for the kind of grass which cures its bad tummy. We are familiar with the grass it really eats when it doesn't feel well. That is a characteristic the cat shares with the dog. They know the kind of grass which will cure them. If you are curious enough, you will also know as you tend to observe.

These are fallen wild Tithonia diversifolia, even after cutting overnight they are still unwilted. This grows profusely in marginal lands seemingly without any use for people and animals, although there are some reports that it has some pesticidal characteristics.

What do you discern from the shadow? It is an animal, isn't it. The golden yellow flowers fit well.


  1. Andrea, did you go jungle trekking ? The wild flowers looks like dainty daisies. They are so pretty. I don't see them here. You managed to capture so many beautiful butterflies too. Cheers!

  2. hehe, yes Autumn Belle, i did exactly that. Every morning walk with my nephew Allen, we try to explore other paths we have visited long ago. Othertimes we just walk the worn paths again and again. Everytime there's a new find and everytime is a special time.

  3. This riot of growth reminds me of my visit to the tropics recently. Then rain followed us home and now my usually dusty yard is covered in tiny little green leaves. Those butterflies are so beautiful - I wonder if they are laying their eggs on the dill? Perhaps their caterpillars like to eat dill?


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