Thursday, May 22, 2008

I made a slide show!!!

I serendipitously browsed a blog with slide show, did not understand the German language there, but i was able to follow the instructions. Hoooray! I was able to upload the Oceanarium-Avilon Zoo pictures.

Marlowe and I planned a weekened pooling our nephews and nieces, so we can rent a van and we will spend less. However, his kids' parents decided to tag along and we became a big group. Beeing the good cook, he prepared the lunch for two days for all of us. Eriel and Allen Dave are my kids, while Marlowe has 4 from Dad and 2 from Frael. So we are fourteen in the group. After the Oceanarium we stayed the whole afternoon at the Mall of Asia while waiting for the fireworks olympics. The kids and the adults were all very happy. The kids were also able to buy books from Booksale and each one had a good purchase.

Avilon Zoo was also an educational place for all of us. The kids were shouting, laughing, running and asked questions to the guide. The guide had to be patient, imagine having questions like, "kuya, how do you make the hyena laugh?". A lot of questions which sometimes we cannot answer. I think it was the 5 yr old Trina who blurted that question. It was a tiring but wonderful weekend. Marlowe is happy spending for his brood, which includes us, hehe.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Orbs, Orbs, Orbs!

An Orb Conference happened in Arizona in 2006. I sent a paper which they said will be presented but i don't have the means to verify. So i submitted it to a website for posting. Please tick the play button in the following link. Otherwise, if you will view the slides one by one please ignore slides #11-21 (without captions), because these make the presentation confusing. The host in the website was not able to present the slides as submitted. I am not sending posts to that site anymore, thanks to her anyway. A separate text is included below (also included by that website but in another link very much separate from the presentation).

Orbs, Unified Field Plasmoids
or Whatever!


It was only in 2005 after I returned from my travel to Sweden, Copenhagen and Rome, when I realized there are other things in my pictures, aside from what I intended to take. To start it all, Sheila emailed me two pictures full of circles. She asked me what I think about them. We had previous discussions about some paranormal and metaphysical aspects, so I have been telling her some of what I know or read from different sources. She has a deep feeling that the circles are not normal. That incident prompted me to look at all my past pictures most especially my then very recent trip to Sweden and a side trip to Rome. I found many of the circles and I scrutinized them as if my career rests on it.

My lawyer colleague, Dennis, and I were also going to the regions all over the country in 2006 conducting IP Awareness Trainings and taking pictures all around to get the circles became a hobby. We have also been getting a lot of them, and we enjoy the process of editing the pictures; enlarging, brightening, contrasting, embossing, etc. From the same pictures I also found out I was also getting pictures like a portion of an arm or the feet without the clear body. However, the energy fields of the body without the margins are still very visible. I have been telling close friends about these circles, and these imaginary bodies with visible arms or feet. Then later, when we were not very curious about them anymore, a friend texted me that these circles are called Orbs, as shown on Discovery Channel. Another friend gave me a newspaper clipping about the Orbs. Now I realized I am not alone with my findings.


I was alone in my quest because looking in the internet did not occur to me soonest. My previous pictures also showed lots of them. I was using a Sony Cybershot Digicam and Dennis was using Olympus Digicam. I have been trying to see what environmental factors predispose to Orb occurrence. They might really are spirits, whether departed or nature spirits, so I tried to look at old buildings, churches, caves, forests, and other locations which probably might produce lots of them. But I cannot really get a correlation of whatever theory I have. In Strasbourg, France and in Stockholm, Sweden where there are lots of very old buildings, I cannot find lots of Orbs. Somehow I managed to see more or less than 5 circles in one picture. My friend Marlowe joked that maybe because they don’t like it cold.

However, in Rome a lot of them converged in one picture especially in the Pantheon and in the Pieta, although Pope Paul VI surprisingly has one Orb seemingly content resting on top and Pope Paul II tomb has one at the corner. Mosses and St. Peter’s sculpture also had one orb each. It would perhaps be surprising to look at the orbs in the Colloseum, which probably house a lot of them. It has been the venue for fights of men versus animals and a lot of other shows which are unfathomable these days. However, I was not able to enter it. If only I was already aware of the orbs when I was in Europe, then I could have maximized my photo shoots. Even in Copenhagen I was able to see only a few orbs in one building maybe because we did not enter many big buildings, and it was a daytime shoot.

Local pictures showed a lot of them even during our daytime IP training sessions. However, they are normally obvious during night shoots in open spaces. Some readings said they often converge when available water supply are nearby or when lightning occur. This means that much electrical charges are in space. However, these environmental conditions did not support my findings. Sometimes it is true but mostly not.

My Theory/Findings

It seems when one has psychic abilities then he/she is prone to get these orbs. It does not matter if the person is aware of his abilities or not, they just show up in their digital pictures. Now it has been my guide to know if someone has abilities or open energy centers. I ask them if they get orbs in their pictures, if none, then I don’t discuss much further. Theories that we can communicate with them mentally failed with me. Lots of summons and requests for them to appear in my pictures failed. But they suddenly appear when I am least conscious of them. However, until now I still try to lure them to come nearer. I was just favored by a single red orb one night when I desperately called the colored orbs to pose for me.

Another fascinating observation is in the premature nursery ward in the hospital. A lot of Orblets are scattered around the space among the babies, but there was this bright moving Big Orb which lingers beside the baby of Dennis, my colleague. The Big Orb can be the baby’s guardian angel or probably spirit guide, however the orblets elude me! The nature of the orblets are the same with the usual orbs familiar with us.

Moreover, I have a printed picture developed before I learned of these orbs. In this particular picture inside a mini local carnival while we were riding in an open “cable car”, is a lot of scattered orbs. Among them is a capsule-like object in space. When this is magnified it looks like a two-colored real capsule! It looks like a short bullet with the front half in reddish- violet and the back portion in orange-yellow. A distinct division of the 2-part capsule is very visible. I wonder if someone will tell me it is a real space ship. This picture told me that these orbs might be from outer space, and whatever they are “we could really be invaded”. These are invaders! What these are doing on earth is still a mystery, but not for long!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tinago Falls with Marawi's Bin Laden

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur is 4h by car from Cagayan De Oro airport. We were escorted by Datu Aga Shariff, nicknamed Marawi's Bin Laden during the last election by the president, as he confidentially told us. He had been fetching and sending-off visitors from Manila, just to give peace of mind to the visitors. His long beard gave him the 'name'.
On our way back to CDO we asked Datu Aga if we can see Maria Christina Falls. However, we went to the Tinago Falls instead of MCF. He disclosed to us that sometimes the water of MCF is being used for the hydrothermal plant, so we might not be able to see the water. The Tinago Falls although more difficult to reach has more water, besides he has not been there too. After the long circuitous rough road, which reads 1.7 km, which in turn could have been measured in transect and not along the actual road length, we eventually got to the dead end. Still, we have to navigate the 365 steps down the ravine to see the Tinago Falls. We did! Eureka!!! Fe found it, finally! We understood why it is called Tinago, meaning 'hidden' in English.
The sounds of the falls can be heared at the top of the ledge, but the lush vegetation kept it from being seen. The morning after i cannot stand from bed, my legs and thighs were severely beaten. I tried some hot compress but the pain especially going downstairs was too much. But there's no regret. I will still do it when opportunity comes. But, I worry about 'Bin Laden', who is a bit on the heavier side.

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