Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daranak Falls Stone Arts

 Upon entering the Daranak Falls entrance in Tanay, Rizal, the expanse of lower ground from the bridge will show you stone art structures. These are scattered around the area that literally enthralls everyone, astonishing stones piled on top of another in balancing acts obviously difficult to make. I wondered how long each structure remains before a stronger wind breeze topples it down. I further wonder how long it takes to make each individual structure. If i have more time, i will try doing one myself.

several stone art structures around the area

the stone piler in action

I have been seeing these stone balancing structures in the net, yet i don't know how they are formally called. I just call the man as the 'stone piler', because he piles the stones on top of each other. We are fortunate to see the man who did all those stone piles. We asked him to make one and everybody watched in awe. It only took a few minutes, maybe 3-5 minutes before a fully balanced 3-rock-structure was left on its own. We all clapped our hands for him, and he just shrugged his shoulders without a word. Later i will try that too, i promised to myself in silence!

These are the two new additional structures we requested the man to make. It has a grandeur of its own, an identity, an awesome architectural balance against gravity that make all of us silent in awe! 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Orange Enough?

 This are not edited in whatever way, except for some cropping. They are mostly introduced species to the Philippines, but gaillardia is the newest addition to my garden sent by my blogger friend from the USA. Hippeastrum puniceum is introduced centuries ago when the Spaniards are still here in the country.

Do you think they are orange enough to merit the Mandarin Orange theme?

Sanchezia speciosa 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Waterfalls at last!

The Projects Review and Planning Workshop of our division in the office was held in Tanay, Rizal. I know that Rizal province has many towns in the uplands, but this is my first time there. The terrain is really hilly with limited vegetation, poor soils in many parts, denuded and prone to landslides. The road is circuitous and long, so from Quezon City we reached it in 3 hours by private vehicle. Trips like these are more fascinating for me than the continuous and boring plain. So i had the fun of my life, however shooting is very difficult. I didn't have any descent photo while inside the vehicle.

Before leaving the area for home, we visited aside from the Regina RICA retreat place, the Daranak Falls. It was about half an hour from the Bakasyunan Resort that housed us. From the hills our vehicle went down to the deep ravines, and the photo below greeted us at the entrance.

The above photo could have been shot during the rainy season, as the volume of water at the falls is bigger than it is now. It was like a curtain covering most of the fall ridges. It is understandable at the peak of the dry season, water volume is really very low. Fortunately, the lagoon is wide enough for swimmers to still enjoy the area.

A 20 pesos entrance fee is required of every adult. After the entrance, facilities like huts, tables and restrooms are available for groups. There are also barbecue grounds and sitting areas. From the picnic areas, concrete stairs with rails will guide tourists down to the falls.

I hope i can be back when the waters are bigger and the falls larger. That will be more fun for shooting.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A heart for you!

I tried hard to take the moon in between those bars above my window. I took 3 shots, but they all showed the same hearts! Eventually when i was cropping them, i thought it might be a sign. I am still deciphering what it says. I enumerated a lot of meanings, and meaning seems to be endless! 

If you are the photographer, what does it mean for you?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


These two photos are taken at the same time in front of our terrace, one on the cement floor and the other on the grass. Which do you prefer? But of course the shadows are not the same, the objects producing the shadows are not the same too! But they are both SOOC! 

I wonder if the hot environmental temperatures at 35°C can be conveyed with these shots.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Officially Unofficial Trip

We were officially on trip for a team building activity outside the big city. Three big buses were hired for the 3-hour land trip. Activities were successfully done, and everyone happy with the camaraderie, fun and food. It was a good respite from the daily grind in the workplace inside the big city. But we are at the height of our dry season, temperatures are high coupled with high humidity. I purposely did not include here the photos of the buildings and landscape, except for a few structures. 

The 14-hectare resort is an expanse of undulating topography, with separate structures for the hotel buildings, and an organic farm catering to the food requirements of guests. There are also some animal pets and small poultry house where they tend chickens. I love the rule that smoking is not allowed inside the property upon entering the gate. The surroundings are well maintained with healthy-looking plants despite the heat. 

the stairs going to the main administration building

gazebo near the main area where guests can sit and chat, read a book or look at the surroundings

 We were furnished with big tents, as function rooms for the group activities. Another big tent housed the food. Even at 4:00pm it was still very hot, so nobody ventured outside the tent except when going to the nearby restrooms. When the sun set, games were already held on the grounds outside the big tent.

 Some benches are functionally located around the area but heat didn't allow anybody to linger here.

 This road led us from the activity tent to the hotel buildings. A bridge above is built on a deep creek, which is dry during the dry season, and with water only during the rainy season. This is the backview of the hotel buildings.

Benches like this abound in the area. When sightseers and bikers get tired, they can rest on available benches on the grounds.

The area was obviously a former orchard with tall coconut trees, mangoes, jackfruit and other fruit trees. Additional trees, shrubs and ornamental were planted for aesthetic purposes. 

 A lovely sunset appeared behind the trees during our first day, a very typical color of the west in our world. I also had a wonderful time taking photos of plants and flowers. To top it all, i loved the 10:00-12:00 pm swim in their wide infinity pool. I left the group at the height of singing and games to take advantage of using the pool alone.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Awesome Space!

I've been so awed by the moon last weekend, that peeped through trunks of fruit trees around our house in the province. I almost stopped taking photos of it because i can't seem to get a good one without a tripod, but this one erased my previous feelings. I can even see the craters and the mountains of rocks. At the right side, it looks like the stem-end of a watermelon, with radiating lines from the center. I promise to shoot moons again next time.

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