Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unusual creatures, Unusual incidents!

I was on leave for four (Dec 1-4) days plus the two weekends before and after that, which means i had a very long holiday. So i had a wonderful time in the province, with natural vegetation, biodiversity, many birds, unconfined domestic animals, organic fruits and vegetables. All of these are so different from the confines of city life. Less noise, less congestion, less pressures, less people, less risks and doubts, and of course very much less pollution! I walked every morning but always distracted by the birds, butterflies, some unusual insects, flowering weeds and any unusual things for me though very common in this part of the world. I had a great time.

We also harvested citrus fruits and sell them to whoever ordered. Actually we only have 6 trees, but they fruited well that we have to sell most of the fruits. Our picking pole with pouch at the end is just improvised and repaired by my mother. I had also to climb with slippers on to lessen the stress on the feet. Although my arms, feet and back ached i am very happy for the experience. Many people pay a lot in the gym, here i had a free exercise, and not in an airconditioned room but with free normal air, oxygen laden newly produced by the trees. As they said "the best things in life are free"!

I want to share with you my unusual finds. Some of you gardeners and nature wanderers might be too familiar with them.

This is a moth catterpillar, but i don't know how it looks like as an adult.

Definitely, these two moths are not the adults of the green hirsute catterpillar!

These chickens are hybrids. They are offsprings of Japanese chicken hen and native Filipino rooster. The black hen got the color, body size, short feet length and leg feathers from the Japanese chicken parent.
The white rooster however, got the size of the native chicken, as well as the length of its legs, but it also got the leg feathers typical of the Japanese chicken mother. They are all fertile.

I found this spider on top of the trees and i had to climb a ladder to use my Point and Shoot camera, i wish i had a nice zoom lens of a DSLR.
Nonetheless, i had a better than none shot, magnified below. I also have old posts of this spider in close up.

This red mushroom come in compatibly with the green maidenhair fern.
And these are the citrus fruits of our labor! They taste so sweet, juicy and delicious! Haaaay....


  1. What a nice break and a lovely experience away from the city.
    What a cute little caterpillar. Are those feeding on a rose plant?

    Truly those citrus fruit must be delicious!

  2. Thanks James for visiting and putting comments, at least there is one person who reads my blog, hehe.

    Yes the caterpillar eats the rose leaves. How i wish i can follow-up its development to the adult moth!

  3. Loved going through your photos. That's the best part about being away from the city...seeing more of nature's wonders. And all the shots are great!

    I have a fascination for photographing spiders too. Cute caterpillars...haven't seen those before.

  4. Andrea, I think you are really enjoying yourself here. You truly deserve this restful and relaxing time. I can feel the serenity of the place and I'm sure I'll love the sounds of nature too. You remind me of little goldilocks taking a walk in the woods.

  5. By the way, are these hybrid chickens fertile or sterile?

  6. Thank you Kanak and Autumn Bell. Without you and James, nobody will see and read my blogs, hehe. At least there are a few souls who've seen them. As i told earlier i love the comments but i dont join groups because i will become a very unethical blogger of not returning the comments or might not be able to read each post. But at the moment i can even read even all the comments in your blogs, and i just choose the commenters link to follow their sites.

    Yes Autumn Belle, the chickens are all fertile. In fact there are new generations of them already, mixed with the different nice colors of native chickens, and getting the dominant characteristics of the feathery legs, they look great, beautiful. The disadvantage is, the 2 kids don't want to sacrifice them for a much liked native stew (we call 'tinola'). It takes a lot of bargaining before they agree. The kids are my nephew and niece!


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