Friday, June 17, 2016

Sunsets Approaching Rainy Season

Our dry season this year lingered for five, as in 5 months. That is very long most specially for humans and animals. It was also caused by El Niño which emanates from the Pacific Ocean. We are an archipelago facing that big vast ocean, so we are most affected by this so called "climate change". We cannot do anything anymore to alleviate it, maybe mitigating measures are surely not enough to effect felt change. Who can suddenly produce big trees in a few years? That is not possible! Besides, our land area is very small compared to the vast continents producing the climate change-inducing industrial pollutions, that small countries like us suffer first.

Be that as it may, we just console ourselves and be thankful for the invention of the airconditioners, and we just try to stay indoors during these "calamities". Staying out for a few minutes will probably cause hypertension to the elderlies, so we are vigilant.

Here are my sunset shots, that maybe the only wonderful effects of the long dry season. Clouds form nicely in the horizon, giving me lovely sunsets direct to my 5th Floor Window. These are photos taken during the last days of May, and our official Rainy Season started in June 2016. The photos are all SOOC shots (Straight out of Camera), no editing nor even cropping.

These last two shots show that sunsets will be elusive from now on, while the rainy season is ON! Thunderstorm will be the common site in the afternoons, but my lens is not fit for the lightnings.

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