Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Windows of Batanes Stone Houses

I seem to have some fondness for windows in Batanes, both Batan and Sabtang Islands. Their windows are so small in proportion to the width of the house, understandably because of the frequent typhoons visiting the area. The stone houses with very thick walls are purposely built in the first place to address such frequent calamities. Stones...because these are abundant in the area.

The Dakay house in Batan island

the above 5 windows are from abandoned houses in Sabtang island
walls plastered lately to preserve it
Rows of Sabtang houses

a church window
window of the Basco lighthouse with Sharon

In Batanes at Last

The years of hope to visit Batanes materialized in 19-23 May '09. The trip was concocted by Karen and Shawie, i was so glad they thought about it. Thanks to Ferdz Decena's blog and advice we were not lost with our choices. It seemed like it was a destined trip anyway. Even if the minimum persons for a tour group is 4, Shanedel's still accepted just 3. Our guide, Manny Merida, is also very generous that he even offered to buy us coconut crab for our last dinner, which is definitely cheaper outside than at the restaurants. (for better photos:

view from the plane
the rolling hills of Batan Island
Sharon at Valugan Beach, Batan Island
Downtown Basco viewed from the Lighthouse
The Dakay house Mahatao Church Ivana Church, in front of Honesty Coffee Shop Lighthouse sidewall
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