Friday, August 18, 2017

Some Wildflowers

There was a time in the past when all the flowers are wildflowers! When people started to have houses and parks, there are also plants that became domesticated and cared for by the people. Domestication probably started for food, for medicinal values,  and eventually for aesthetic reasons. Some wildflowers in some locales maybe domesticated in others, as per the cliche "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Then after decades or centuries of domestication, some plants eventually become wild again. These could be those left by some people, escaped domestication, and reverted back to become wild.

Our wildflowers in our area are not as colorful or attractive to men as those in colder climes. Besides, they are not very plentiful in contiguous locations. I uploaded here in pairs some that are found around our area in the province. They might not be lovely for humans, but they are much favored by butterflies.

Wedella trilobata 

This is previously a ground cover for some landscapes. It has been declared invasive in some US cities. Maybe this in our area is planted as ornamental plant but eventually become invasive and conquered an area nearby. I don't mind it near our area as the Tiny Grass Blue butterflies love this.

porterweed, Stachetarpheta jamaicensis

Dark Blue Glassy Tiger, Tirumala orientalis semper

 unknown to me

Lagundi, Vitex negundo

 unknown to me

Tridax procumbens - that is a skipper which suddenly left when i am about to focus. 

This is a Palm Bob skipper that nectars on the plenty of Tridax procumbens flowers.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Skywatching Time

When at home in the city, in my very little corner of the world, literally my very small condo unit in the building, this is what i do!

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