Friday, March 9, 2018

Sunset Sky Mean Something

Our temperatures from the middle of February this year just soared as if it is already the end of April. For the past years those conditions made us impatiently wait for the coming heavy rains because we cannot seem to tolerate anymore the HEAT we were experiencing. It was a total surprise for us that we already experience it in mid-February! Can you imagine a Heat Index of 39°C! And in the province in the north which had it at 42°C there are a few individuals who suffered strokes and high blood pressures. Climate change is very real, and the effects are so quick with us.

But the truth is we are not yet officially in the Dry Season, as it is forecasted that there will still be easterlies coming to us. Easterlies bring us here the slightly "colder" temperatures, or someone from the "real"cold country want me to call it "slightly less hot temperatures". Of course, our temperatures no matter which you pick from the range is always hot for those living away from the equator. Our coldest in our temperature range is still higher than their summer. Being here all my life, i don't know how to live there.  But now, i tell you it is really hot as in HOT!

At least i get lovely sunsets!

the widest angle i can get didn't have any cloud except those near the sun at the lowest horizon , (10mm lens)

 From the previous series of photos as the sun sets, you will see the vast cloudless sky, only a little clouds near the horizon. It was a great expanse of clear blue as seen by naked eyes. Although i don't have the capacity to capture it well by camera.

 the next day it was this

 again another day after that, still with very vast clear sky

somehow a few strips of clouds appeared the other day

Skywatch Friday

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Early Morning at Sabtang Lighthouse

We stayed for 3 nights on my third visit to Sabtang, Batanes. We even used 2 homestays on those 3 nights, 1st is at the Sabtang Lighthouse near the port. It was awesomely located on a promontory and the homestay is literally at the foot of the Lighthouse. Apparently, the lighthouse is on a private land and since the location is very idyllic the landowner decided to utilize this unique location for a homestay. At present there are 3 small cottages there with a few rooms each, me and my buddy stayed with a mother and son team. They were at the room and we at the livingroom, which was fun. There is a common bathroom and a kitchen. We all left to roam around in the morning and we transfered to another homestay in Chavayan on our 2nd and 3rd night. Of course our days seem to be very short to roam around the island.

We were literally forced by the sunrise to come out early and experience its effects on the landscape. Unfortunately, due to the urgency of the moment i was not able to bring with me the better camera in recording the sunrise. So i just have these photos to at least show you a semblance of the truth.

 This promontory is on an almost vertical ridge from the sea level. We explored every nooks and crannies to get most angles of the landscape. 

 To our right is the Sabtang port and the business center, where houses and some government offices are located, together with the school and the church. It actually is a very small community.

 At the lower left are stairway steps to an almost secret cove where visitors can privately swim or have picnic near the water. 

 It is windy and a bit cold to our standards in the tropics. By this time the sun is already up, we just cannot get in yet for breakfast as there still are some subjects to photograph, like ourselves. 

 My travel buddy, unlike me, is not afraid of heights nor depths. She prefers going to scary places. That area she was on is already a very steep vertical ridge, a slip will bring you down to the very sharp rocks below! By the way, that island at the horizon is Batan Island, where the airport is, and concentration of commerce and people are located. 

 It is nice to watch big waves breaking on the boulders. This just looks small because our location on the top gives us an angle that projects shorter sizes. 

 A nicer designed stone cottage is at the back, i surely prefer that cottages here should have been designed like that. However, the cottage at the right is already a modern structure, almost like a temporary makeshift cottage in the area. 

The view to the mountains, where cattles and goats roam freely to graze. 

Again, that is my extreme adventurer travel buddy looking for more difficult areas to explore. Despite my already softening knees, trembling while looking at her location, i still have to get this picture to document what she has been through. I actually don't know how she was able to get there! And with all my summoned courage i immediately press the shutter to be done with and already go to safer grounds. Her passions even made this trip more memorable.

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