Wednesday, September 11, 2019

On the Way Home

Hello everyone! When i started a 2nd blogspot, i relegated this to my travels. Circumstances however were not very favorable for me to do that, so this one got lagged while the other one has been so busy. It was assigned for the plants and biodiversity in my garden and nearby areas. Suffice it to say, i now just realized that it is almost one year that this has not been given any entry.  Maybe i just got too busy too because i can always  put some minor travels here. That is how i will start with my posts here again. 

I work in the big city which is just 3 hrs by bus from my house in the province. This travel time cannot materialize these days when our highways, streets and even expressways are normally full of transport vehicles. There are only a very short window on Saturday early mornings when i can travel home by bus at the shortest time of 4 hours. Most other days, we loose at least 5 hours inside the buses. At least the buses are comfortable with TV or music and passengers can recline seats and sleep. Most buses also have WiFi on board. 

One morning bus i took one Saturday morning is not full. It is a bit perplexing that only a few passengers are here. I was fascinated with the decorations inside the bus.

i like the pair of light filters with doggy in the basket

another pair of stuffed toy hanging at the side of the driver, aren't they cute.

We are at the middle of the rainy season so you can see all green everywhere, crops here are growing nicely with the regular rains.

above fields could be cassava plants, while at the back are still for planting

The STAR Tollway, the expressway direct to the Batangas International Port

the signboardd shows where we are going

above photo was shot last May, remnants of the dry season fire trees along the highway

These fire trees, Delonix regia, is an introduced species but already naturalized here. It provides a colorful happy view on the otherwise all green landscape. It is a very welcome sight along the travel routes. Other highways also plant more of these for better vibes.

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