Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pairs and Twins

One's Kiasu syndrome has nudged me to look for "unusual" photos. She posted lovely butterflies making more butterflies. Maybe my camera was not lucky to see these things, I am not attracted to mirror images although i am always fascinated with reflections. While deeply engrossed in the archives, i saw many possibilities, which i can't seem to start where to begin.  Then, to make things faster and easier, i just did the following compilation! Again, it is linked to the previous post of ONE.

I hope you notice the twin leaf posts with the wasp on top of each other! 
That is trying hard to mimic One's post. I cropped it to make it more conspicuous.

This is linked to  Todays Flowers



  1. I was saying that you fully deserve the 'kiasu' award. Your ability to imitate and improvise is truly excellent. I remember your jobs involves patent rights... Hmmm...

  2. I like the photo no. 7 - which looks like a pink powderpuff flower. It looks like those glowing and twinkling LED lights that I use to decorate my home. Now I am having Double Happiness after viewing your 'Pairs and Twins' post. Thanks for cheering me up ;>)

  3. I really like the competition you have going on, watching which one will outdo the other. It may develop into the drama of a daytime soap. I wonder if One regrets bringing up kiasu. She will not relinquish the title of champion easily. She is being gracious saying so though.

  4. What is good for the goose is good for the gander... I think the title passes back today.

  5. I like the creativity in these pictures. You have a great eye for photography, Andrea! Your photographs lived up to the title of your blog post!

  6. Great pictures of plants that are not very familiar to me, except for the Datura, now haven't they gone and changed the damned name. insect porn, where is it all going to end, think I will call my MP. Thanks for the visit to my mundane Rodgersia post.

  7. Andrea, I have been trying to find you on blotanical. Perhaps I use the wrong method. I go to picks and click on (A) in this case and look for you there. I have been struggling with this for months and feel sure there is a better method.

  8. I see what you're trying to do. You are trying to one up One by posting twos...hehehe

  9. One - haha, if there's no inventive step and there is novel innovation, rights to Utility Model is given. I love how things are going on here, especially their reaction to our posts.

    Autumn Belle - yes these are Double Happiness, my Chinese friends don't give me the symbols so i make my own. Maybe you should give me when i go to Malaysia.

    GWGT - maybe One is giving up now on Kiasu, as many are joining in the fun like your comments. I really love them, yes i think One starts to say words with double meanings, e.g. my work involving patents and imitating! Do you think she really tells the truth! LOL.

    GA - what is good for ONE is good for US ALL!!! We need some laughter to generate endorphins for health.

  10. Linda - thank you very much Linda, it inspires me more coming from a good photographer like you!

    Alistair - haha, insect porn shouldn't be allowed here next time. It was One who first posted them and i joined in. She should be the one sued by your MP. BTW, i replied to you in your site.

    SR - you got it, i like what you said, 'trying to one up One by posting twos'! But not many commented again, i hope others are still coming.

    Wendy - you should have been reading One's and mine's posts recently to appreciate these posts more. thanks for visiting.


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