Friday, June 17, 2011

Flower Arrangements

During my memory walk of the neighborhood I stayed in for my school years, i came accross a lot of development. It was a newly-opened subdivision then, and only a few houses were there. Now it is fully occupied, and i cant seem to remember which house is whose. It's been a long time! A previously dead end street is now already opened to traffic. A large vacant lot before is now the site of a big nursery for ornamental plants, uncommon fruit trees and vegetables and a whole array of very beautiful flowers. Apparently, a former director of an agricultural international agency has decided to do what he love most during his retirement. There was also a post on the fence of a house "sweet potato tops - free". If only my house is near i can help for some vegetable salad. 

I also encountered 2 ladies making a flower arrangement, made of heliconias, torch gingers and some fillings which i am not familiar. These are products from the slopes of Mt Makiling, which is a forest reserve and a protected area. Mountain dwellers plant these ornamentals under the trees or some spaces in-between them, then sell the harvests to the lowlanders.

 The above and bottom Heliconia are about 1.5 - 2 meters high

 Above and bottom 4 photos, the greenish-orange and orange-red varieties are Calathea crotalifera
ID courtesy of Autumn Belle

 red torch ginger: Etlingera elatior
Orange torch ginger: Zingiber spectabile

One of the finished arrangements. Fillers include Dieffenbachia leaves, Dracaena sp, and papua.



  1. Beautiful n Bright colours... Loved the end result. Looks like they have used a bamboo base for the flower arrangement. Lovely :)

  2. They are gorgeous and so bright too. We have lots of Calathea in the landscape here. The flowers don't look as attractive as the ones you show though. The thing about Calathea and Heleconia is that they look much better when detached from the plant.

  3. Andrea, How nice that someone started a nursery here in the midst of urban build-up. What an exotic arrangement yet for you is really all natives. Love the ginger - reminds me of pine cones.

  4. Tropical flowers are unbeatable when it comes to drama in a flower arrangement :)

  5. That flower arrangement is lovely and so vibrant with all those different textures and shapes.

  6. These plants grow well in our equatorial climate. The foliage makes my garden looks cool and the flowers are a bonus, quite common here but exotic looking. The torch ginger flowers in your place look quite different from ours here. I think the Calathea crotalifera blooms look like big combs and even a rattlesnake!

    Glad to know that there is a nursery now. Hopefully more people will buy the fresh flowers and plants to beautify their homes and gardens.

  7. Wow Andrea those flowers are just breathtaking. I love that arrangement.

  8. I love exotics! The Bird of Paradise has been a favourite of mine for arrangements for some time now. I like how you paired it with other equally exotic colourful blooms.

  9. That's a beautiful flower arrangement. Did you buy one to take with you? -Jean

  10. Ever Green Tree - Actually it is a cut banana trunk they used as a base, its coolness will at least lengthen the shelf life, however, it is not as good as water. They just use it for arrangements to be used in just one affair.

    One - you are very right, they look better when already severed from mother plants as cutflowers, otherwise the plants looks so chaotic and gloomy to me. Just now i've cut a lot of used stems from our 3 varieties of Heliconia.

    PatioPatch - oh yes, they somehow look like pine cones! I think when someone loves gardening, wherever you put him he will plant something, just like me living at the 5th floor of a condominium building, and i planted garlic as foreground for my sunset photos. I've posted them before in my Skywatch Friday posts.

    Mark and Gaz - that's correct, but i wonder why in your garden you have mostly foliage plants.

    Rosie of leavesnbloom - the texture and color seem suffocating in their brightness, that to us they seem not so beautiful anymore.

    Autumn Belle - i hope you saw my gratefullness to you for the rattlesnake flower ID. Actually rattlesnake is one of its common names, as i searched for it.

    Helen the islandgal - the big arrangements are for wide interiors or in a big corner of the room or on a stage. The cut heliconia and Calathea are more than 1m long.

    Shirley - as i discussed in the post, i just saw the 2 ladies making the flower arrangement, i just asked permission to take photos. Thanks for dropping by.

    Jeansgarden - hahaha, my place is far from this area, i just happened to pass by them making the arrangements. In this parts, we seldom buy them for our own as they are very common here. They use them only for big affairs to beautify some corners. Thanks for visiting.

  11. These are beautiful - so exotic! Reminds me of the market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  12. Gorgeous flowers arrangement--I love orange flowers.

  13. May I just say: Glorious!!! your photos are so clear, crisp and

  14. Nice arrangement! Hope the heliconia in our garden are still in bloom when I get home in a few weeks.

  15. I love those exotic tropical blooms. We have those in our garden too but not plenty enough to make a beautiful flower arrangement. Hopefully someday...

    I'm still baffled why our Red torch hasn't flowered yet, not even once. Maybe its not Red Torch...LOL

  16. How wonderfully exotic! The arrangement is beautiful. It takes a talent I don't possess, sadly.

  17. Wow these pics are so lush and splendid! Thanks for providing some visual relief over here.


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