Thursday, June 9, 2011

Intermission thru Skywatch Friday

Skywatching in the tropics from the Dry Season to the Rainy Season

The sky at the height of the very hot and humid dry season,

still hot and some plants become susceptible,

many tropical perennials are happy having the full sun,

others still try to sprout...

When the sky is already full of vapor it begins to get darker,

...till some condensation sets in and starts the showers,

 ...however, in the tropics it seldom rains without storms

at the middle of the rainy season and storms, sometimes we only see holes in the sky

...or holes among trees

...and gloomy mountains, 
...but we are happy, plants and soils are happy, we already have the rains,
...rainy months are here again!!!


  1. Zdecydowanie wolę patrzeć na niebieskie niebo , chociaż zdjęcia z pory deszczowej mają swój urok. Pozdrawiam

  2. Holes in the sky and holes in the leaf is something I wouldn't have thought of. You are good at relating totally unrelated objects. :)

  3. I miss your Skywatch Fridays and today I am so happy, Hehehe!

    I really like the photos from the hill top.

    In your 'Hole in the sky' picture - Behind the dark clouds I can see a silver lining. I remember a song and now I wanna say this, 'May your dreams be filled with sweet tomorrows and may your good fortunes be 10 x 10.....(from the lyrics of 'May the good Lord bless and keep you'.

  4. Great shots! I really like your 'holes in the trees' photo.

  5. you always manage to make me sentimental and nostalgic about PI whatever you post.

  6. You are all making my days wonderful. I feel the sincerity in your words, even if they are all intended to let someone just that. Thanks everyone.

    Giga - i love it when i first wonder about the meaning of the alien words, but i try to translate it. thanks.

    One - I consider that as a compliment, you are really a friend, and you know that even if we havent met yet. I didn't know those holes can mean wholes! It is analogous to your relating the tattered eaten leaves to hearts, or heart bubbles.

    AB - i am glad someone out there miss my posts, actually i miss our private messages too. I will complete the song..."may the good Lord bless and keep you...till we meet again"! Happy weekend.

    Holley Garden - I didn't know some people will like it, i actually just tried it as experiment. thank you for appreciating.

    Photo Cache - now i can relate this name to ewok and to thousand words, and theres another one something like shooting inside cars! I am glad i somehow can serve as reminders to our countrymen abroad of how nice our countr really is, and we should love it, not destroy or malign it. Do you know that by posting Mt Gulugod Baboy here, i was able to let tears from someone's eyes (she's been in the US a long time).

  7. Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog and explaining about the plant name!! You are an extraordinary photographer! I love how you captured the rain storm, and all the plants and bugs in the post below!!

  8. Just outstanding photos. You and your camera are one. Lovely shots.

  9. Very nice series of pictures. I espcially like the pics with the tropial plants with the sky as a backdrop, they are full of so much life and vibrance.

  10. Awesome and thank you for reminding us to turn our eyes to the sky!

  11. Great pictures! I like the "holes in the sky", "holes in the trees" and your "gloomy mountains" pictures the most.

  12. Thanks for your kind comment. I love your story through photos, and wonderful shots they are!

  13. Pretty skies and and captures!
    enjoy your weekend.

    " Regina "

  14. i love the "holes among trees".:p
    our changing weather gives me a headache.:(

  15. Send some rain to us please! That picture with the light on the water is something I have never seen before. It's really something.

  16. I guess everyone who loves gardens appreciates the need for rain. :)) You sure showed a wide variety of sky shots!

  17. Joe Todd -thanks for dropping by

    Ginny - oh I am not extraordinary, just a trying hard hobbyist. Thanks for the appreciation.

    Wanda - i hope you come again, i think this is your first visit here.

    William K Wallace - the sky is a very handy background for our shots, as it is always clear blue in summer!

    Joey - I am glad I nudged you to view something aside from macro shots. But you are so excellent with them.

    Linda - the holes are some of my experiments, which i very seldom see. I love it when i saw clearly something beyond a tunnel.

  18. Debi - thanks for dropping by and your kind words.

    Regina - happy weekend to, you might be again somewhere wonderful capturing some hidden beautiful countryside in our country.

    Luna - thanks for coming over, yes it really is a challenge going out on the streets these days. It made me go to the province more often. The big city is killing me too

    Tina - i told the rain to visit you too, maybe it is already there as the typhoon already left. I've posted better lights in the water in previous SF posts.

    EG Wow - thanks for appreciating. I remember a friend telling me my photos are good to those who dont have camera, so I am glad some more knowledgeable cameraholders like you give me kind words.


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