Monday, June 6, 2011

"Kiasu" syndrome riding high again!

I've been in hiatus for awhile inside a forest reserve with weak signals. So i haven't been online when the "kiasu" syndrome fever hit some of you. I missed joining the fun, was able to see your comments just today. I can almost hear ONE chuckling, she started all these, as well as africanaussie, and now I realized Kanak also joined in. Even if they are not into the butterflies anymore, I am not letting go of the chance to post some of my butterflies.

This time it is inspired by Kanak, or her yellow beetles! I suddenly remember some old photos in actual "butterfly-making activities" of the Idea leuconoe. These photos are taken in a butterfly farm here in the country.

Idea leuconoe is one of the biggest butterflies

still drying its wings after emergence

They don't seem to be bothered by people staring and shooting at them

eating binges with overripe plantain

Pupa of Idea leuconoe at the lower left corner, black ones
at the center are pupa of One's post, Hypolimnas bolina


  1. You win the prize for most butterflies of one kind at one time. I cannot imagine seeing them like this in my area without going to the butterfly garden. You guys really live in the Garden of Eden.

  2. Your butterfly posts are spontaneous but they are certainly collector's items. I even see a couple of butterfly lovers for the viewing pleasure of human butterfly lovers! So I do agree with GWGT that you are the butterfly CHAMPION.

  3. What a beautiful butterfly and so many in one location!

  4. Dear Butterfly Champion, It's really unusual to see so many butterflies in one photo!

    You have not heard the last of my kiasu posts. Give me a few days as I am waiting for Captions now.

  5. Tyle motyli naraz, cudowne. Gratulacje. pozdrawiam

  6. I think you win the kiasu butterfly post contest! Fabulous photos of a beautiful butterfly!

  7. Andrea...your butterfly photos will be one hard act to follow!:) So beautiful...loved going through your pictures. I don't think I've seen this butterfly here. Kiasu is good!!

  8. Oh that group of butterflies on overripe plantain are awesome! Isn't it marvelous how everyone has such different kinds of butterflies?

  9. Hello Andrea, still down with kiasu syndrome? Good shots of the beautiful butterflies. Yes I have checked out the balsam flowers from your earlier post. Nice! Have a great week :-D!

  10. You have the butterfly and pupa pictures. Where are the larva pictures? Hehehe...just kidding.

  11. Donna - thanks for judging me as winner, but i am not competing actually, I just am out of topics and just riding on with One! At least i used those butterflies here!We have lots of them after the first rains.

    Autumn Belle - you should have joined our "kiasu" madness! Wow, collectors' items is going beyond what they are, but thanks for the extreme appreciation.

    Linda - yes we have these sights if we just look where they converge, and i learned it by following them, chasing butterflies had been a hobby!

    One - i will not reply to you at all, hehe. But i sometimes really need inspirations like what you are doing.

    Bom - maybe i have ADHD, as i easily gets tired of one topic, i need to move on.

    Giga - thank you so much.

    Debra - thanks for your visit, i really appreciate comments here for me to post again.

  12. Kanak - thanks for appreciating my posts. I always envy yours too, i cant forget that red dragonfly on your header.

    Africanaussie - yes that photos has been in my file for 2 yrs already, thanks to you and One i was able to let people see it.

    Stephanie - am glad you visited again. thanks for liking them.

    Solitude Rising - dont look for larvae from me, i told you i am scared of them, haha! Actually i did not see any inside the butterfly house, they are somewhere hidden from view. I am sure this Idea leukonoe has big catterpillars which make my hairs stand on end, yaicks! If you will hold an earthworm, i will hold a larvae! DEAL?

  13. WOW! I love these beautiful black and white butterflies! You sure have outdone yourself with these. I love to photograph butterflies, as you can tell by visiting my blog Counting My Blessings

  14. Amazing!! Simply stunning!

  15. So sorry for your recent losses. It is never easy. Thanks for your kind words.

  16. Dorothy - thanks for dropping by, but you haven't seen the post previous to this last one, it i think is nicer.

    Tina - any beloved who went away spells some difficulties. Thanks also to you.


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