Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orchids Galore Still, D' Uncommon species

I've been fascinated and obsessed to post the still lots of orchid photos in my files. So please bear with me with my inkling at the moment. Maybe it all boils down to the guilt if i will not be able to share these photos with you. Somehow it doesn't feel right when all of them just sit there hidden at the recesses of my computer, and they might got mad at me for just letting them be...just be!

Whether i know them personally or not, everybody will be introduced! However, most of them i just saw also for the first time. I only know the group they belong, as in cattleya, vanda, dendrobium, cymbidium, phalaenopsis, oncidium, etc., but i don't know their real identities. I am sorry for not having time to copy their name tags I hope they will understand. I am sure they are happy with just that, at least they are not neglected. they are...dyaraaaaaan...


ground orchid


 Cymbidium, unknown

Unknown, unknown (indigenous)
unknown, Oncidium
Phaelanopsis, Robiquetia sp.

So what do you think folks? I hope you will tell your friends of my unusual finds. Thank you very much and please tell me what you think, whatever they are.

Dedication: For my very special friend Autumn Belle

Thank you very much also for linking this to   Blooming Friday   hosted by Katarina of Roses and Stuff. Katarina thank you so much also. I hope more will be able to visit  my orchids.


  1. Wow! These orchids are spectacular. The ground orchid has blue flowers? That's unique. Andrea, do you know if Phaelanopsis requires cooler temperature to grow well? The flower looks really sweet. I am not sure if my hot garden is suitable for this orchid. Thanks for sharing all these unique orchids. I am sure you have enjoyed seeing them in real very much.

  2. Oh Andrea I love these photos. Thankyou so much for sharing these with the rest of "blogosphere". I would just know them as their group name too. Did any of them have a scent?

    I wish they were all as easy to bring back into flower as the phalenopsis are - I am sure some of those would cost alot of money.

  3. thanks Steph, yes Phals need cooler temperature than others, aside from more humidity. At mid-level elevation they flower early because of the cold and high humidity.

    Leavesnbloom, thank you too. Phals are not easy to bloom also if you have hot and dry climes. Vandas love the hot and humid climes. Those posted here don't have scents, but i have an Oncidium at home with delicately sweet fragrance. Some of our native Dendrobium have scents too.

    thanks for the comments, i wish more can see my photos from your sites.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Andrea!

    Thanks for visiting Hill Country Mysteries. I was intrigued at your mention of the tropics. I lived in Florida for 20 years. We could grow orchids outdoors there.

    Am looking forward to following your blooms.

  5. I wish I knew more about orchids -- I do appreciate their beauty and truly enjoyed your photos here! Thank you.

  6. Andrea:
    I am so in love with that amazing blue ground orchid.... haveyou any photos where the flowers are open. I grow the terrestrial orchid natove to North America, Cypripedium reginae, but she is not blue. I have ordered another terrestrial ground orchid Bletilla striata 'Soryu' which is supposed to have startling blue flowers.... but we all know how blue and purple are often confused in horticulture.

    You have a wonderful blog and I will visit often. No worry about the gender confusion, my name is the least of it!

  7. Oh, Andrea, thank you so very much for this wonderful display of orchids. All these orchids are so beautiful and unique. 0))))))) 0)))), I am sending wolf whistles over....

    I'm going to put a link in my sidebar so that others can view your beauties too. I'm sure many of us love orchids.

  8. Andrea, I hope you don't mind. I have included your link to Blooming Friday (BF) so that others can see your lovely orchids too. I worry that you are too busy to join. Do remember to add a link to BF in your post.

  9. Yehey, more people are looking at my orchids now. Kathleen and Cindy, thanks for your visit and comments.

    Teza, i am sorry that photo is from a garden show and i did not go back to observe the transition. You in the temperate climes have more blues than us here in the tropics, my envy.

    Autumn Belle, of course i am very glad and honored for putting link in your blogsite, and for including my post in BF. Yes i am a bit busy these days and next week. I will miss everybody's posts.

  10. What a collection of beauties! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Have a nice week end!

  11. Oh my GOSH, Andrea, these are absolutely stunning. What a rainbow of colours and forms (and I bet fragrances, too). I only dare grow phalaenopsis because our house isn't all that warm in winter, but I sure am tempted when I see blooms like these.

  12. They are wonderful - a beautiful collection of colours and shapes. Orchids never lose their appeal - and thankfully there are some that are very easy to grow.

  13. I admit to not knowing much abour Orchids, so for me it's fine with labels like unknow, they are all unknown to me, but lovely, perfect shape and colors. I could easily fall in love with all of them :)

  14. WOW! Your selection is incredible! I'm amazed by the big variety of colour and form. And most of all: that ground orchid...fantastic!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Got it. Thanks for your reply :-D

  16. hi,

    its a nice collection of orchid flowers. i have just posted a ground orchid flower photo in ma blog and interested to see orchids here in your blog too


    KERALA Photos

  17. Wow! Andrea, you got a fabulous orchid are fantastic, just love the display!


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