Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orchids Galore!

I have long been contemplating on showing some photos from a garden show i've recently visited here in Manila, Philippines. However, i have not been diligent on resizing my photos. Besides, there are lots of work. Now i will try to upload some. I have a lot of photo files as i've said in my previous posts. It takes lots of time to manage them, but still i always have the proddings to share them with you. I hope these will remind you of getting the plant you have long wanted to have.... the Vanda hybrids.

Most of the hybrids used the Vanda sanderiana as a parent, either as immediate parent, as a grandparent, a cousin, distant relative or any relation. Vanda sanderiana or what we call "waling-waling" is endemic to the Philippines, and called the "Queen of the Philippine Orchids". It grows originally in the thick forest, but when the forests are dwindling they are already found in gardens of the rich and famous, or as collectors items by breeders and big flower farms. I cannot find my V. sanderiana photo at the moment so it deserves another time. For a thorough discussion of V. sanderiana  please look at this.      


  1. These are super gorgeous shots Andrea! Super lovely..you have certainly captured the awe and beauty of these flowers..stunning! Wonderful post!

  2. I love these gorgeous photos of my favourite flowers, i.e. orchids. You details especially on the taxonomy & endemic part is very good. I hope you will educate us with this type of info, with your expertise in this field.

  3. Gorgeous photos of my favorite orchids. I love Vandas and I have a few that are struggling. I would love to expand my collection one day.

  4. Thank you Kiki for visiting and commenting here.

    islandgal246, i hope you get more of them, they are really responsive to caring and very delightful when already in bloom. Thanks for your visit and comments.

    Autumn Belle, please always remember that my inspiration is always linked and came from you. I get so much energies from the comments though still only a few visit my posts. Sometimes i feel that many should see them especially when i happen to get nicer photos. When i am not very inspired and am a bit lazy, my photos are not good but i still post them, hehe.

    The link i provided in this post gave many information about the Vandas. Thank you also for teaching me a lot of things.

  5. I love flower show, especially those really good ones! Thanks for sharing these wonderful blooms. These 'Queen' Vandas are beauties! The one in brown tone is quite unique. I am still learning how to identify the different varieties. The more I learn about orchids the more I find orchids interesting ;-) Thanks again!

  6. Thank you Stephanie. Identifying the orchid varieties is not an easy task, maybe determination to do so. I actually know only mainly the very common ones like the Vanda sanderiana because it is ours, V coerulea because it is blue.lol. Normally orchids are coerulea if blue and alba if white, hehe. I only know the genus but not even the species. It is difficult. thanks again. Can i visit your garden when i go to Malaysia? Then let's visit Autumn Belle and Jacqui and together we will go to the Secret Garden of Dr Francis Ng. Isnt that great!!!

  7. These are so beautiful. Im still wondering & discovering new secrets of their blooming.
    Orchids are very beautiful. When they bloom - so is the gardener's heart too.

  8. Andrea - great to meet you. I will spend some more time over here later today - I love orchids and you have beautiful photos of them here.

  9. Andrea, what a treat to come and see these wonderful photos of the most beautiful orchids! Amazing shots. I've never grown them before but they do well in some of our neighbouring states.


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