Friday, January 22, 2010

Clitoria salad

To veer away from the orchids and heavy bright colors i will deviate first from them and post some alternative view.

I still recall our previous discussions about the   blue butterfly pea  first posted by Autumn Belle, which Kanak and i joined later. First we were fascinated by the bodily part connotation which its scientific name denotes, being Clitoria ternatea! Then i added in Centrosema pubescens on the same note. However, an outstanding thought within those exchanges of discussion is the blue flower of Clitoria ternatea for food or for medicine.

Last week i had the opportunity to taste exactly that flower. We were in an exclusive type of restaurant, and a friend ordered green salad to go with her pesto dish. The blue petals, six in all, are added separately on top, and the arrangement is magnificent. I am sorry folks i forgot my camera at home and failed to show you the elegant arrangement. Nevertheless, i hope you can visualize that green salad predominantly lettuce, topped with individually arranged six blue petals.
I tasted the petal alone, the taste is good, not spectacular and not bad at all. It is just neutral. You will not even taste the tangy-raw-grassy taste. It is just fine, trust me! Next time you see the blue Clitoria, it is wise to taste some petals.
Here it is again, and thank you.

This is for you Teza of Teza's Garden  Since you are fond of blues, here is one. You still have not seen my  other blues!


  1. That's an incredibly blue flower (like Teza, I'm hugely fond of blue flowered plants also.) Even if it tasted divine, I'd probably not eat it as I don't like my food to be blue with the exception of blueberries. It's certainly a saucily named plant. Thanks for dropping by bloomingwriter and leaving such a nice note and those cute posts about your kittiens!

  2. Andrea, I am trying to grow this plant now. Hopefully when it is successful, I can eat some flowers later. In Malaysia, the blue colour is also added to rice, the dish is called nasi kerabu, a Malay dish. Have you tried blue rice before?

  3. I am sure the salad was beautifully garnished! They must have grown plenty of the flowers in stock. Six is a lot! Blue on green salad... nice combination :-) Next time, remember your camera he he...

    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Andrea what an experience! Its a lovely colour of blue too.

  5. Thanks everyone, now in a Monday morning i have to see first my blog and see your comments before i start on anything related to work. And i am very glad all of you are here and greeting me too. But i am sorry for the wrong links, i was in a hurry last Friday night, failed to re-click them. I already edited the links. Thank you Autumn Belle for your kind concern.

    Jodi, hahaha, just try it as i did, just a petal. Now what do you think?

    Autumn Belle, i've edited the links. I'm very sorry everybody. I wish to taste the blue rice, as i only know 'nasi goreng', hehe.

    Stephanie and leavesnbloom, thank you for your visit. Steph that is a lesson, always bring a camera!


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