Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to the Galore, Bromeliads

I am posting foliages today! You might already be saturated with flowers, especially my hedges, Vanda orchidsCattleya orchids and   unusual orchid species. So here are the leaves...Bromeliads.

The Bromeliad Family is composed of several genera, including the moss, Tillandsia  and the pineapple, Ananas. Color of the leaves are so varied that gives spectacular designs, which make them very good accents in the garden. The flowers are also colorful that vary greatly from the colors of the leaves.

Since most of the bromeliads originated from the dense forests in Latin America, they need to be moist most of the time. They are normally seen with water at the shoot apex to keep them moist. Maybe it is designed like that to really keep more water even if the environment is already dry.

I am just showing a little sample here because i still cannot make collages to accomodate more species. How i wish i can learn fast as Jacqui already put in her blog tutorials. I am sorry i still cannot just sit and learn the art of making collages.

 I still have a lot of Bromeliad photos of different colors, but maybe i will put them in part II, because cannot be accomodated here.


  1. Wow..super gorgeous post! Lovely Andrea!

  2. Yes please! Post part II :-D

    All the bromeliads here are beautiful. Are they from your university? Most of them are not commonly seen here. Thanks for posting these pics. I enjoyed looking at each and everyone of them.

  3. HI Andrea, you are so right! Your bromeliads are gorgeous. And the foliage lasts all year long. I'm glad to see cats chewed the leaves off the ours so I've given up unless we move back to the tropics.

  4. Andrea, your pictures are very well taken. The bromliads look lovely in your blog. I second Stephanie. Can you please let us know where you found these gorgeous bromliads?

    Some bromliads, especially those with red and yellow upright flowers, are also being sold as auspicious plants for Chinese New Year.

  5. These bromeliads are so beautiful.
    Never really come across so many beautiful ones as these.

    One thing about them is the water they hold in the centre which creates a lifeline for many aquatic creatures.
    And the other thing about bromeliads in my region is because the hold water in their habitat, mosquito loves them.

  6. Thanks again everyone (Kiki, Stephanie, Kathleen Scott, Autumn Belle and James) for appreciating my posts, especially the photos.

    In case you think these are mine, i am sorry, i wish i do, but they are from one landscape entry in one garden show in the country. The area is large and that was one of the magnificent collections of bromeliads i've seen. Some of his entries actually won awards.

    Kathleen, some of my bromeliads and Sansevierias in the province have been also eaten or trampled by wondering animals.

    James, i cannot agree more about the water being a breeding place for mosquitos. But knowledgeable owners of these collections made sure mosquitoes are not welcome! lol.

    Autumn Belle, i have a Tillandsia in my office, it flowered the first time, and then produced new plants, but more than a year after the flower has not arrived yet. Maybe i am not giving proper nutrition.

  7. Andrea, the Bromeliads are beautiful!

  8. An awesome bromeliad collection, Andrea, some of which I've never seen live before! I absolutely adore Bromeliads, they display such exotic foliage variegation! Great shots, my friend!

  9. I just LOVE bromeliads! the foliage variegation is like a painter's palette!


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