Saturday, January 16, 2010

Orchids Galore too, Cattleya

The yellows
The Greens

The pinks and purples
The White

Having been thrilled by the Vanda hybrids, i felt those are still limited. I now am showing you the Cattleya from the same event but on the succeeding year, in the same location. It is again hosted by the Philippine Orchid Society. How i wish i was not in a hurry that time. I remember i just got out of the office without telling anyone where i was going. When in classes, that was cutting class. So from the office i had been cutting office.

Please tell me what you thought. I love your comments and they inspire me to get more photos and more uploads.


  1. Orchid heaven :o)

    What fantastic photo's, thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    I was just trying to find you on Blotannical, but couldn't, are you there?

    RO :o)

  2. Am sorry RO, i did not join for i will not be able to return all the favors and might not be able to keep up with everything. lol. Thanks for the constant visits and kind comments.

  3. Very beautiful! Such a stunning array..they are all unique in their own way!a pretty fasincating flower species.THanks for sharing them.

  4. Hello Andrea!

    It is nice to see orchids again in your blog. I think their hybrids are even more than hibiscus! Love the green cattleya here. Is it very huge?

    I like your systematic way of introducing orchids. Earlier the vandas and now the cattleya. As you already know, I have problem in identifying them ;-)

    Btw, the garden very worth visiting is The Secret Garden at 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya where Dr Ng works. Please note that it only opens during weekends.

    Oh, I hope you got back to office in time :-D

  5. Hi Andrea, What a lovely blog you have with such diversity of plants and butterflies. The butterflies are simply stunning. I've never seen such beauties before. I do like these yellow orchids. I didn't even know they came in yellow. I bet they smell really really good.

    Amdrea, if you join Blotanical you do not have to do anything I believe? No favors required. Your feed would go out to tons of other garden bloggers and that would be a benefit? I think some bloggers never even visit Blotanical but have their blog listed there and that is fine. Just thought I'd tell you so others can find your beautiful blog. Your photos are stunning. I especially like the amarylis and the purple spotted butterfly on the purple flower. I wish I could capture something like that. You take care. I am so happy to 'meet' a blogger in the Phillipines.

  6. Kiki and Stephanie, thanks for the kind words.

    Tina, yes actually Autumn Belle early on has been enticing me to join Blotanical, but i have shelved the intention first. Now that you enticed me again i tried, but very hardly trying with no results. I wonder why it doesn't accept my joining. When i submit the answers to the 3 blanks, the page suddenly said "cannot be displayed". I wonder what that means. I will ask Autumn Belle about it or maybe Jacqui, who are both members too. I agree with you that i feel more people should see at least my photos, even if they dont read the words, lol. thank you.

  7. Not sure what the problem is Andrea. I know Stuart is working on it but he should still be accepting members. Give it another try. These tech things can be so picky:)

  8. Oh my goodness, Andrea. The orchids are so beautiful. I have two growing by my kitchen sink and I am new to growing orchids, but I have had them for over 2 months now and haven't killed them yet ;-)

  9. Yes Tina i will try again, as i also wish many can see my plants, lol. I am sure all of us are here to share them!

    Noelle, you will not kill them. They are one of those plants which are very difficult to kill, as they are just getting food from the air around them, not from the soil. thank you both.

  10. Oh my God! They are so so beautiful!!
    I had never seen these kind in my place, not as gorgeous as these.

    As for blotanical, I think you need to upload your information using Firefox. I had the same problem twice and had put it on hold until I had the time to register it again.

  11. Andrea, this post is fantastic! Now I am suffering from 'love at first sight' at your orchids. I want more orchids. I won't be bored even if I look at them everyday. Today's batch is so beautiful and gorgeous. I have been growing cattleya too, but it blooms erratically, like an eccentric. I learnt from James that I must make sure my orchids have strong roots, so I am concentrating on that too.

    Regarding Blotanical, I think James is correct. You may be having problems with your computer software or something like that. Blotanical would love to have more members. What Tina said is true about participation at Blotanical. Blotanical will get you many visitors and their comments inspire you to do better. I enjoy my garden visits even more after I joined Blotanical. After all, we share the same interest and garden bloggers are indeed very professional and nice people.

    I think you mean that if many people visit you and commented, it may be difficult to return back the favour by visiting them back and commenting on their blogs. That is my current headache. I really feel very bad not being able to visit every commenter immediately or regularly as often as I like to and this is tormenting. It is certainly very difficult to balance my love for garden blogging, my family, and work/business matters. We just hope that others understand and friendship is maintained.

    Andrea, I am very very glad that that you are making happy progress lately. I really hope you can join us at Blotanical and have fun here :))

  12. I am drooling - I hope Andrea you know what that means! I think those are just wonderful and so exotic.

  13. Hi Andrea - I was hoping you could tell me the name of that green orchid? I love it!


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