Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Share for Blooming Friday

This is my first entry for Katarina's Blooming Friday of Roses and Stuff.

Starting to show off!

Bigger petals now!

Still early in the morning so a little bit shy yet!

It's now fading and another one opens. Flowers in one panicle don't open simultaneously. Above right is the little patch where this lilies grow.

This is half of the area where the lilies grow, not shown are greener ornamentals. The garden is my friend's where we had a wonderful Christmas party. I did not elaborate on what this flower is because you are very familiar with it.

Thanks Katarina for letting me be a part of the Blooming Friday Club!


  1. Hello Andrea, those amaryllis are lovely. Welcome to the world of garden blogs. I will add you to my blog roll and it is really nice to have someone from your part of the world in the community.

  2. Andrea, the garden is beautiful! Those amaryliss are so pretty. I can tell that they are really in good shape. Their leaves are so healthy as well. The rest of the greens are super. Your friend's garden is so neat and has much space walk all around. I like the way she combines plants in the pots too. Very creative. Have a great day and happy gardening yourself!

  3. Thank you islandgal246 and Stephanie for those inspiring comments. I hope some more people will find my posts from your links. That post was supposed to be for today, but i have a trip outside the city and i thought it will take a whole day so i posted it yesterday. Then i was able to finish the work early and now back to the office. Happy weekend everyone. Autumn Belle where are you?

  4. Thats a nice amarylis. Hope that lily gave a nice lovely fragrance during the evening where you & your friend could have a lovely tea.

  5. The amaryllis are just beautiful and so is your garden. I bet many people are envious that you can grow the outdoors ;-)

  6. Andrea, I am looking for amaryllis to plant too. Yours featured here are lovely. I am glad that you are joining Blooming Friday meme too. I just made a check at Katarina Roses & Staff and found that you have not added your link yet. I have done it for you. You need to click on your own link (click on the title of your post, the link address will show in your internet explorer menu horizontal bar. Copy this link and paste it onto the space provided at Katarina's Blooming Friday post. Do go there to see your link. When you click on Andrea, Philippines, it will redirect you or anyone else to your actual post. I hope you understand what I am saying, otherwise do ask me again. You can write to my email address.

  7. These pictures are so beautiful!! Love that delicate colour! I like the garden too.

    Welcome to the club, Andrea!


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