Friday, November 27, 2009

My Friday is so Blue

Duranta erecta
My blue Butterfly Pea, together with Autumn Belle's and Kanak's inspired me to post all blue flowers today. It also is Friday and i am very tired, so i would lessen my stress and worries by posting my blue flowers. Hopefully i will be revived and relieved after seeing the final outcome. I will be gathering what i just recently had, if i can still see them.

Blue flowers are really inspiring, whatever others equate them with. They evoke a certain mystical feeling in me and maybe they touch the soul. Tell me their effect with you. Will you please? Thanks. (By the way, with all these posting and thinking, my cup of coffee on my computer table just got cold, i forgot all about it! Whew!)

The above is just a single plant left to grow vigorously on its own, without fertilizer, only watering on sunny days. I let the stem grow about one meter without branches to give more emphasis on the elevated canopy. The small shoots arising from the main stem are pruned or pricked. Vigorous water sprouts are pruned as well.
This bunch is just one end of a stem from the above plant. My mother even got some of these for making flower arrangements to bring to the cemetery last All Saints' Day, as remembrance for my late father.

It went well with the yellow and red flowers with some Cycas fronds placed at the back for support and provide the greens!
The finished product was lovely, i would say!
Even the above left photo of the ground
where these cute, little flowers dropped, is also artistically nice. The Caladium on the above right seemed happy carrying the fallen flowers, and provided nice color contrast to them. (Will anybody please tell me what they think about them?)
The butterflies love this flower because they will not go distances to put their proboscis inside. That's the reason they also love Lantana, Ixora and all others of the same minute flowers bunched together.

I am sure you will agree with me that the butterflies love them, look at my photos. Aren't the butterflies happy with them?

The blue at the right is Ideopsis juventa manillana, while the red is Papilio romanzuvia, the black is Hypolimnas bolina.

And, another blue flower very often visited by the butterflies are weeds called Stachytarpheta jamaicensis. Don't be bothered by the difficult name, but i don't have a common name, so please bear with it.

As a Post Script to this post on blues, i added 2 more photos of the Stachytarpheta jamaicensis. Now i know the common name of this is porterweed, courtesy of Kanak. And i would also like to thank Kiki of Awake with Charm and Spirit for the post inspiration, and being a kindred spirit.


  1. Your blue flowers are so lovely! I don't think I've seen the Duranta erecta before. As for the common name of the other flower, it's the Blue Porterweed. Grows wild and bees love them! You could check out this

    Thank you for the link...but my name is starts with a 'K'. I've added blue flowers to my garden to attract the blue-banded bees. But I've noticed that they're drawn to white flowers too. The thought of the bees coming is the most comforting thought for me:-) Your butterfly shots are STUNNING!! Lovely to meet a blogger from the Philippines...

    Warm regards,


  2. Yes Kanak thank you for your visit and correction. I am sorry for the typo error on your name here which seemed so blatant because it is highlighted as a link. It's been corrected. I've been out for a week and just visited this today. Thanks also for the porterweed, i've told my young nephew about it, coz he already memorized the long scientific name.

  3. Beautiful blues..super lovely job!Wonderful! Your photos are really gorgeous. Thanks for the sweet kind comments.


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