Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flowers with Interesting Names

I was inspired by Autumn Belle's post to upload these flower photos. I intend it to be a rejoinder to her blog post about the wonderful blue color of the butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea). I actually know about the flower she posted and i thought it was not very common here in the Philippines. My first photo of that butterly pea is in River Kwai Resort, Thailand in 2007. Then i saw it again at the Honeybee Farm in Bohol, Philippines. However, i cannot easily locate its photo from my so many entangled photo files and folders. I am not a good organizer of files, and that means i am a mess. I take a long time looking for them when i want to! I confess it is not one of my most favored characteristics.

And i found this one, also blue taken in Thailand, the double petalled butterfly pea, Clitoria ternatea. (I agree with Autumn Belle who provided the link, thanks.)

The photos related to the Clitoria ternatea which is common in the Philippines is a weed. Although it is normally growing in marginal areas, i love to see its purple flowers along its vines, generously exposed to humans and the bees for pollination. This is called Centrosema pubescens. I am sure you will recognize its common relationship with Clitoria. Both are legumes, both are climbing herbs, blue or purple and most of all the scientific name denotes a "body part" as Autumn Belle said. Keep looking at these beautiful flowers and i am sure the name is obvious. In the first, it is the genus and in the 2nd flower it is in the species.

Centrosema's color is light purple, while the shape is almost the same as that of Clitoria. It is used also as feeds for livestock being source of protein like the other leguminous crops.

Although both are climbing vines, the morphology of vegetative plant parts like the leaves differ significantly. (Sorry with the blurry photo). By now you have deciphered the Clitoria and pubescens. Whew!


  1. Andrea, when you are posting the clitoria similar flower, I can put your link in my post by updating my Butterfly Pea Clitoria Tenatea post. If you wish to link to my post, you can do this:

    1) New/Edit Post menu
    2) Highlight the text
    3) Click link (the icon is on the horizontal menu bar, same row with text icon)
    4) Look under URL: Blank of the http:// inside the box
    5) Type in the URL of the post you wish to link in.

    Meanwhile, do have a good rest before your next post.

  2. Autumn Belle, i am sorry i cannot easily follow how to creat a link, hehe. I only put the link to your post in the hilighted link within the body of the post. I cliked 'create a link" and a link to my post was made, now i dont know how to remove it. Poor me, am really not good with this. thanks

  3. Lovely pics, Andrea. Sorry, don't know the ID of your similar-looking double-petaled Butterfly Pea. Your purple ones are fabulous, seeing these for the first time.

  4. The pale purple flower on the second picture does look quite similar to the butterfly pea. The first flower looks like a double petaled clitoria ternatea. Even the leaves and bean pod looks similar. Can it be the double petal version? When I google clitoria ternatea, I find that it has double petal and also white flower version.

  5. Andrea, I have checked your links here and I find that they have linked correctly. I guess you have solved this problem.

    Regarding the double flowering clitoria ternatea, (1) you can try to do a search for the image of clitoria ternatea at google. (2)You can also try this link too:

    You need to copy the above link on word or notepad and then click on it. I don't know how to do a hidden link under comments section.

    I will link my post to yours now.

    Another thing, Andrea. Have you thought about joining Blotanical? I'm sure you will gain a lot. You just click on the blotanical icon in our webpage and you will be redirected to the Blotanical website. Then apply to become a member.

  6. Good morning Autumn Belle, hopefully i was able to do the links, which took eternity! About the double petalled Clitoria, i haven't really checked it, thanks again for the link to that. Regarding the Blotanicals, yes i love to be in that group, but at the moment i dont have much time to be an ethical blogger, as you- Tatyana of MySecretGarden, and the rest of you did. If only i have time luxury at the moment i will.

    I have actually visited many blogs in your personal lists and actually picked 4 from them, included them in mine to follow. Thanks again.

  7. I was very much taken back to note the beautiful double layed blue pea flower. I never come across this one.
    Really wish I could have those seeds to plant them in my garden.

    Very nice post. Keep up the goodwork.

  8. Andrea, Kanak Hagjer of Terra
    Farmer has a flower that looks like yours. I hope you receive this message. The link is as follows:

    To access the above link, copy and paste to word file and hit enter. The texts turn blue and become underlined. Type Ctrl + click to go to the link.

    I hope you and Kanak can compare and exchange notes.

  9. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described

  10. very nice photos and information you shared about one of the most valuable ayurvedic plant herb in the planet clitoria ternatea. in our place its commonly known as shankupushpam and is having tons of medicinal usage in ayurveda. its much important plant in many ways to be considered a weed i think.


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