Thursday, November 26, 2009

ID Quest Solved, Wisteria sp.

My previous posts in October about plants/ornamentals found in Antalya, Turkey were not fully identified. I am not so good in looking for IDs in the web, or maybe i need more time. There is this very beautiful plant with wonderfully hanging bunches of lavender flowers. Actually, i thought it is a tree but on the final analysis, it actually is a climbing tree-vine, depending on how old the plant is and how it was trained from planting. I am very glad i found the blogsite of The Galloping Gardener in Autumn Belle's My Nice Garden. She has wonderful awesome photos of gardens mostly in UK and great writing style, so i immediately put her in "My Favorite Links". Thank you very much Charlotte for identifying my unknown flower as Wisteria. Now my mind can rest happily and contented! The world is really full of generous-blessed people.
I realized Wisteria has around ten species, and it takes time to get the wonderful tree-vine to flower profusely. I remember in Svalov, Weibull AB in Lund, Sweden (where we stayed for one month in 2005), the old main building facade is fully covered by this vine. I just was not able to get a better photo.

I am reposting the photos from my previous post, and reiterating my thanks to Charlotte of The Galloping Gardener. The Wisteria sp. is a tribute to her. More power to you and best wishes.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    Thank you for visiting my blog & comments.

    You have a lovely purple flower Wisteria. Purple & blue flowers are very rare in my place. It must be truly amazing to have them in your garden.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi James, it looks like you've just seen the photos. Am sorry but those are not in my garden. I took the photo in Turkey and i am living in the Philippines. Thanks for your visit and comments too.

  3. Wow, this is a beautiful pale purple flower. I'm glad you have identified it. Yes, I see my blogger friends here too. That's great!


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