Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weekend Flower Photos, Seemania sylvatica

Another flower i had the chance of getting a lot of photos, is the Seemania sylvatica. Before, i call this Gloxinia sylvatica, then i now found that they are of the same family called Gesneriads. Previously they are synonyms but now they found that the genus Seemania can stand on its own. The family includes the gloxinias and african violets. The leaves are often fleshy, hairy and often with purple coloration. Flowers are bell-shaped or tubular.
I like this plant because of its formal erect position. It is also easy to maintain and does not need exeptional caring and constant attention. They can also survive without much watering and still thrive even with some neglect. Just like the Chrysotemis pulchelia, they thrive best without too much attention.


  1. Definitely eye-catching beauty! The red is so rich and vibrant against the dark green foliage. Great captures, Andrea!

  2. The flowers look like dangling lipsticks or firecrakers to me. The red is striking.


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