Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Tale of the Sunflower Seeds

For Betty this would be boring, for Loree this is amusing, for Ninita this is a reminder, for Florvee this can be a lesson, for me this is greaaaat! What about for Ging, whatever i feel like she is with me.

I have this very close friend, so i thought, who was amused that he bought sunflower seeds from SM to give as 'pasalubong 'for some of his not very close friends. He did not buy anything from Taiwan for these friends, anyway the sunflower seeds seem like it came from there. He told me this as a secret, he knows i will not tell his other friends who will receive the 'precious' presents. After a few days, he gave me a pack of sunflower seeds from Taiwan! A lot of things came rustling in my head. He forgot that he divulged his secret to me and another friend. Or he really wanted me to know i am scratch, cheap to him. Or maybe he is really a liar!

I tried to forget that episode. But it kept on creeping into my thoughts, whenever i give something to him as 'pasalubong', or whenever he gives 'pasalubong' to me again. Sometimes i thought the chocolates can be only from SM or any supermarket. Maybe they are even expired, the children dont want to eat them, not good according to them. But the brands are known brands, maybe really expired or stacked for a long time before given to me. There are times when the 'pasalubong' seem like rejects or maybe don't fit anybody of his clan, so he gave to me. I accept them but they just stay in the drawers being not my size, because they are not really bought for me. These things go on and on, one on top of the other, recurring.

One day i can't contain them anymore because of the pattern of irresponsibility, insincerity, unconcern, ungratefulness, untrustworthiness, lies and more. I told him i am one of those who received the sunflower seeds. To add more insult to injury, he said actually it is not bought from SM but 'sa tabi-tabi lang'. No sorry no regret no surprise came from him. He just looked at me, as if i was an unfeeling stump. And to the other things of the same intensity i expressed to him, he did not say a thing, not even budge. It seems like i was even the unusual other. I was expressing things to a wall, a wall without a name, a wall without ears!

And the sunflower seeds, which received my intensity, went to the bin!

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  1. The nerve! What a sorry excuse for a man. He doesn't deserve your attention.


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