Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Antalya Sunrise

While still on the plane I wondered why the horizon at dawn had separated distinctly, the packed white clouds against the very blue sky. Even without sleep on the plane and their 5hr delay, I started taking photographs than eat or sleep. I did not let a personal thing hinder any opportunity, even the hunger due to personal aversion to ruminants!

Mediteranean sunrise mesmerized me, together with sunsets, but without tripod the latter is not very promising. Sunrise has halos with them, and felt so near! I don't know the physics and chemistry of the horizon, i only know they are very beautiful.


  1. kahit saan ata maganda ang sunrise. nagkakaiba lang sa feelings na ina-attached natin sa kanila. :-)

  2. wow... lovely sequence of Sun coming up!! so refreshing!

  3. Thanks Bhaskar, i really enjoyed Antalya and my Dubai sojourn. It is very good to be shifting from professions and see the old big names in person. What about the newly wed, how are you adjusting?

    take care,


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