Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Pinoy in the Turban-ned world

Nots and Wico brought me to the Dubai desert, already 20 min to Oman. It is my first desert, with very fine orange-red sand. I really am fascinated by the patterns, different kinds!

Start of our roller coaster ride patterns, patterns and patterns

And after sunset everybody went to the camps, "there are more than 20 camps", said our Pinoy driver. Dinner in the camp is included in the package price, as well as the traditional Arab night show, belly-dancing.

Basins of food, but i can't eat ruminants! Carpets on desert sand! What a sight!


  1. grabe ang ganda naman dito. gusto ko tuloy magpunta sa Ilocos at i-enjoy ang dunes. ganda ng mga patterns. napaka-observant mo talaga, hehe


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