Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Snowdrop Festival

  was really lucky as the invitation for the Snowdrops Festival was only announced in the session i was in that time on Thursday pm. It turned out that Dr Mustafa was the guest speaker in the affair. Ibradi place is more than 1,600m ASL, inside the Taurus mountain at the foot of the snowcapped mountain seen at the hotel. The road was literally build in the rocks. These rocks are already the exposed parent materials, because it is already an ancient country that erosion already took most of the topsoil, extremely difficult and looks very unwelcoming to living things. The vegetation is mostly of bonsai-like trees and those that gets bigger might be extremely old.

The program was held in open hot-noon sun, just below the snowcaps. It was really hot that i covered my head with jacket, although i was the only one doing that. The Turkish people liked the sun and the kids had their cheeks already flaming red. It was amazing that water flows freely from springs coming from the rock crevices. Presence of little amount of soil allows them to plant some crops especially vegetables.

Snowdrops signal the start of spring, and they come in many colors.

Rocks with little soils optimized for crops
Old ladies making wrapper and Borekler (pastry)
Yogurt making inside goatskin.... and cooking wrapper for Borekler

The Borekler and food for lunch (beans, rice with sheep meat, bread, soup, dessert

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