Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Immediate Impressions of Antalya

My oral paper presentation at the International Postharvest Symposium is just my passport for Turkey. At last my dissertation found some use also, in tangible terms. It is held every four years and the last time i attended it was in Hawaii, many years past, but i did not present a paper then. This time the choice is Antalya, which proved good because it is one of the most tourist recommended areas due to the beautiful beaches and rich ancient sites. Turkey is a dream country for me, not Iraq nor Iran i wonder, when they all share being ancient.

Just seeing the Mediteranean See felt great already. It is locally termed Ak-deniz, meaning smooth sea, a term which seem very correct as we did not see any wave nor turbulence or whatever unusual to disrupt its smoothness, as far as your eyes can see. My hotel, Antalya Hotel, is a bit old, built on the cliff, but it has a distinctive beautiful stairway down to the Mediteranean. At the other side of the sea is the Taurus mountain range with its snowcaps very visible at our end. April is the 2nd month of Spring so the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. And...i just stood in awe with everything around.


  1. beautiful place! i love that first shot, it shows how vast and how smooth the sea is.

    parang walang masaydong tao dito sarap mag-emote, hehe.

  2. BEAUTIFUL... feel like going there now...

  3. Yes Rayts, i am sure you will love the place, ikaw pa! Ako nga i've been to lots of beautiful places, but the beauty of Antalya is as i have envisioned, MYSTICAL. really great, even if you spend much try to go there too.

  4. I'm very glad for you, Andrea. Amazingly beautiful places change something inside of us, don't you think?

  5. Yes of course Karmi. I just wish i can write as well as you do!


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