Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Side Stories, etc in India

I stayed for a night in the same budget hotel in Coimbatore before leaving for home via Chennai and Kuala Lumpur. I accompanied Archna and Polomi in buying a lot of 'sari' for presents. They bought a lot. I was contemplating in buying one but i might end up storing it in the cabinet. The experience is good because i was able to see the practices in sari stores and the variety of colors and designs they have. The stores are full not only of buyers but mostly of male sellers. Better air conditioned stores have fixed prices and limited number of male sellers. I wondered where the ladies are! Are men better sellers of ladies' dresses here?

About the Indian food, are you wondering how i fared? I definitely cannot eat them that spicy! The participants in the conference take turns in showing me which are not hot. Fortunately, most of our resource persons are from the US which obliged the hotel to prepare less hot menus. It was cold outside so all tea breaks and dinners are held outside. We added a little to global warming with our bonfire everynight during dinner and cocktails.

At the Chennai airport i waited 10 hours for my next flight to KL. An angel from the Jet Airways manage to get me a passage to stay at the business lounge which is actually a restaurant. That way i did not wait outside the check-in counter at the international airport. I did not eat a lot, but the waiter kept on reminding me that the airlines will pay for all my food. I enjoyed my stay in the restaurant-lounge because i had the opportunity to watch the transients. Besides, my table mates changed 3X. The first one seemingly holds a very high position in his company and was not able to use his opened laptap due to a lot of calls. I often look at his face when he is concentrating on his calls, because he is very handsome, hahaha. Then finally i pictured the flowers on the table using his laptap as background. I had a book opened but i normally end up glancing at his face. And would you mind looking at the photo i took? Can you see the handsome man who owns the shoe!

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  1. Nids, just to confirm your observation... it's the same in most (if not all) stores here in the UAE (where majority of the population is from India) that sell abayas - all men, no women. Same goes for tailoring shops even for women - all are tailors, no seamstresses. I wonder why...

    As for the handsome man, I'll just have to take your word for it because those shoes doesn't really tell me anything, haha!



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