Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Other Cambodian Travel Buddy

We are watching the cultural night in Siem Reap. They are looking up because of the man climbing the sugar palm to get the sap, while the other members of the cast are dancing to portray the life of 'tuba' gatherers and their lady love.

One of the four faces of the God as represented in one of the cardinal points. Each of these faces are facing a pond so there are 4 ponds and one island temple at the center of the ponds.
Nimol seems to be trying to lift the stone block which is already in a slanting position about to collapse. Take note of the intricate design above the door frame.

Marlowe suddenly wants to sleep after our lunch in one of the restaurants near the temple in Banteay Srei. These hammocks are really provided for the very tired tourists to take a nap.
At the Museum in the Cultural Center

The famous Khmer krama, one dollar each, comes very handy on the dusty roads to the temples.

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