Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tantaraaaaan...Now the Orbs!

Tatagalogin ko para tayo lang ang nagkakaintindihan, masaya!

Alam nyo ba na mahaba-haba na rin ang "romance ko with orbs"! O ano Flor, may word romance na, what i really mean is romance with orbing. It all started when Sheila sent me a picture in Majayjay waterfalls with a lot of circles. She asked me what i think about those. She thought maybe those are not normal. Then she again sent me one from the Sagada cave which has more. I definitely have other feelings and ideas about those circles. In my mind i thought they could be nature spirits or elementals. Pumangit tuloy ang litrato dahil sa dami. In 2005 pa yata yun. Ipinakita ko yun kay Dennis at 'kinarir' namin yun. Sa tuwing nasa IP Awareness Training kami, pag yung kasama naming si Mer ang nagsasalita e palagi kami sa computer nya sa paghahanap ng ganitong circles. Alam na namin ang nature nito kaya maski sa LCD ng camera pa lang ay alam na namin kung yun ang hinahanap namin o hindi. Mula noon mahigit yatang isang taon ay kuha kami ng kuha sa mga sulok-sulok lalo sa mga malalaking buildings at simbahan para maghanap ng mga 'circles' na yun. Natuklasan ko na marami rin ang ganun sa mga lumang gusali sa Sweden, Copenhagen at Rome. Maski yung litrato namin ng mga kapatid at pamangkin ko sa Paskong Pasiklab sa Quezon City ay katakot-takot ang dami ng circles. Hindi ko pa yun napapansin dati kundi ng ni-review ko mga lumang litrato pati sa Europe.

Then Nots texted me that she saw from the Discovery channel that the circles in my pictures are called orbs. Gamelba also gave a newspaper clipping describing these circles called orbs. Now that i know what they are, i searched the web while Dennis and I never stopped taking pictures. Simultaneous with the orbing, i happened to get a Bohol Tropics picture of an arm with just energy pattern for a body. Later on while taking Dennis' picture in Leyte Park in Tacloban, i got a picture of a foot. Again the body was just energy pattern, only the foot is dense.

Eventually, my camera's flash did not function anymore, so i stopped orbing. That time i thought only the Point and Shoot digital cameras got the orbs. However, Dennis new Nikon SLR gets them too. Websites said every digital camera can get it, and pictures substantiate their claims. Many also said orbs communicate with us, so i tried them too. Others get colored ones so i asked them also to appear in my camera. I also wonder why most of my Dennis' pictures taken during his lectures have one big moving orb near him. I told him maybe that is your father watching you. One of Allen's pictures taken where Lolo always go when he was still alive, has one big orb in the exact place Lolo normally was. I read a lot of their ideas in the web, and i also have my own, but of course all of these are not yet conclusive.

I even sent a paper in 2006 to the First Orb Conference in Arizona. I just dont know if anybody read it. But i also sent it to someones website and she posted my paper together with all my pictures. Pictures will follow next time. I am sure you know what is the picture above, that is in the Vatican. Zoom it to see the single orb. Hmmm!

Bye muna.

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