Thursday, April 10, 2008

Continuation of the Mushroom Story

It was a long 4-day weekend after my mushroom harvest. My niece graduated in Grade 6 so i must attend. It was actually a surprise attendance. We feasted with my mushroom harvest from my bathroom farm, haha!

Sunday night i returned and immediately observed the 'farm'. It was really disappointing because not even one mushroom sprouted during my absence. So, i removed at least 1cm of the dried media and watered them profusely. I kept waiting, observing, and watering for more than a week and still not a mushroom emerged. During weekends i even watered them more often. It seems they are already dead. Some grayish fungus are now starting to cover the surface! My broccoli and carrots are already waiting in the refrigerator, but no mushrooms still.

In despair i texted Doc Rene Reyes who affirmed my observation. He also said that Pleurotus sp grows at 22-28C until 30C at the maximum. Deeply frustrating bathroom farm! I am leaving tomorrow for Ooty, India without much success in mushroom growing. I wonder if i will try again!

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