Friday, April 4, 2008

More Siem Reap Pictures

Cambodian Temples, which they call Khmer temples are magnificently awesome. These are considered the world's most astonishing architectural treasure. Its construction started between the 9th and 13th centuries, 889 to be specific, by a succession of twelve Khmer kings. Angkor sites covered over 320 sq km, and one of the temples, Angkor Wat, is considered the biggest temple in the world. The temples were abandoned in the 15th century and now being rebuilt continuously by many countries as UNESCO World Heritage. These temples are said to be discovered by the French, ravaged by time and the elements. But even with five centuries of neglect and abuse, the opulence and splendor are still there. It never cease to amaze because of its size and mathematical exactness, complex religious symbols, intricate aesthetic details, and the labor and energies poured to its construction.

I will be posting pictures chronologically within the scope of our Apsara Authority 3 day pass. We started with Angkor Wat but that is presented already a few days ago. So i will start with
Angkor Thom with the Bayon at its center. The Royal City of Angkor Thom is divided into equal
quarters, with grand entrance from the 4 cardinal directions. A long causeway directing the entrance is lined by statues of mythical beings carrying a snake (naga).
Bas relief on the gallery outer wall depicting daily life activities
On the sides of the roads near the forest monkeys are often found lounging or playing in groups.
Only the 3 pictures are in Angkor Thom, the rest are already from other temples.

One of the temples has very small rooms with linga structures at each center. Water drip from the tip of the roof to the tip of the linga and gathered in the surrounding structure; this is considered sacred used for healing. (Linga is a phallic symbol and only this one was left in my view. Others were already gone leaving the water gathering structure). The next picture is of a false door, there are also false windows complete with stone balustrades.
My most favorite temple is the Banteay Srei. It is small compared to the others and has a distinct pinkish orange color because of the pink sandstone it was made from.
I really would like to visit the Khmer temples again in the rainy season. A different emotion can possibly be invoked in me in those times.
Yes Wico, i will definitely be religiously looking for orbs next time.

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