Monday, May 12, 2008

Tinago Falls with Marawi's Bin Laden

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur is 4h by car from Cagayan De Oro airport. We were escorted by Datu Aga Shariff, nicknamed Marawi's Bin Laden during the last election by the president, as he confidentially told us. He had been fetching and sending-off visitors from Manila, just to give peace of mind to the visitors. His long beard gave him the 'name'.
On our way back to CDO we asked Datu Aga if we can see Maria Christina Falls. However, we went to the Tinago Falls instead of MCF. He disclosed to us that sometimes the water of MCF is being used for the hydrothermal plant, so we might not be able to see the water. The Tinago Falls although more difficult to reach has more water, besides he has not been there too. After the long circuitous rough road, which reads 1.7 km, which in turn could have been measured in transect and not along the actual road length, we eventually got to the dead end. Still, we have to navigate the 365 steps down the ravine to see the Tinago Falls. We did! Eureka!!! Fe found it, finally! We understood why it is called Tinago, meaning 'hidden' in English.
The sounds of the falls can be heared at the top of the ledge, but the lush vegetation kept it from being seen. The morning after i cannot stand from bed, my legs and thighs were severely beaten. I tried some hot compress but the pain especially going downstairs was too much. But there's no regret. I will still do it when opportunity comes. But, I worry about 'Bin Laden', who is a bit on the heavier side.

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