Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Mushroom Farm

During our IP Awareness Training in Central Luzon State University (CLSU) we were given 10 bags each for mushroom growing. These are supposed to grow at least a kilo of mushroom per bag. I am already wondering whom i will give my extra harvests because i am sure i will not be able to eat my total harvest. This is my 2nd trial but the 1st time i only opened 2 bags at a time. I cannot consider my first attempt to be successful because i harvested only a few mushroom per harvest, not enough for a dinner.

Dennis most especially is curious in growing mushrooms because he hasn't tried it. He showed me the pictures of the first growths which are plenty and vigorous. At least he was successful the first try. I just don't know if he was able to sustain the succeeding growths. I waited for 2 weeks before growing because of the Cambodia-Thailand trip. When i returned I opened the two ends of each bag and put them in one corner of my bathroom, because it is too hot these days and the bags might dry up. Besides i will only be able to water them in the morning and afternoon. I also placed a big pan of water beside them to increase the humidity inside the bathroom. Then after 4 days they started to grow. The following pictures show the development of my 'mushroom farm'. Who says you cannot use the bathroom for farming!
Pleurotus sp. (i forgot the exact species and strain although Dr. Renato Reyes fully explained them to us. You might be disturbed by the mineral water bottles. Those are not trash but platforms for the mushroom bags so they will not be in direct contact with the bathroom floor. Don't worry also about the mushroom growing in the bathroom. Cleaning my bathroom is my favorite hobby, so i can assure you of its cleanliness. If you don't agree, never mind, i live alone and nobody will mind my mushroom farm.

It was so exciting come harvest time. I had 2 meals of mushroom with broccolli, carrots, and cauliflower. I just sauteed the mixture with garlic and onions, put ordinary soy plus Kikoman soy sauce. Try having only the ordinary soy and you will see what i mean by adding a little Kikoman. I was able to harvest a lot so i brought home the total harvest including the small ones. Three adults and 2 kids were able to have 3 mushroom meals, and i was still able to give some to my cousin. Great farm!
The end of my mushroom story will surprise you!

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  1. Hey great article. I would love to know where is this farm?



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