Friday, March 25, 2011

Water, water everywhere!

As if the one hour fast craft boat ride to Siquijor, with big and foamy waves are not enough, we still look for more water in the island. The beaches are pristine and beautiful, yet the springs and waterfalls are more sought after! The most famous is the Cambugahay Falls in Lazi, Siquijor. We had to negotiate 135 steps down the ravine to reach the falls. With the camera gears and tripod, and the not so athletic feet and body, that was not very easy for me! But the roaring sound of the falls seem like coaching us to go down faster. Some Caucasian tourists  were ahead of us, and some more came later. Some even tried swimming and even got snorkels. A pair of local ladies and a pair of tourists took turns diving in their two-piece-suits! The look in their eyes shows their enjoyment, and the onlookers enjoyed looking at them too! Swimmers in 2-piece swim suits are not very common sights in these parts of the world. We stayed till almost everybody left until 2:00pm when our tummies already complained of food. Taking photos in these environment made us forget our tummies. We surely had fun and we want to return in the future!

 View near the Siquijor, Siquijor port

 Above and 4 photos below: Salagdoong Beach in Maria, Siquijor, where we stayed for two nights

Above and 3 photos below: Cambugahay Falls in Lazi, Siquijor 


One above and 2 photos below: Forest Camp in Valencia, Dumaguete

This post is dedicated to Betsy from Tennessee, because she loves waterfalls! Betsy i hope you like my falls.


  1. OH Andrea, they are GORGEOUS.. Thanks so much!!!!! We have seen alot of pretty waterfalls --but none any prettier than the ones you have shown.... WOW!!!!!!! Wish I could see them in person.

  2. "I love my own my native land
    Philippines my Philippines..."

    What province is this?

  3. From the land of the most famous waterfall, these images are gorgeous. The place looks to be such a great place to vacation and sightsee. I see Betsy found your waterfalls spectacular.

  4. This is the kind of waterfall and stream that I like. Gentle and peaceful. You must have a wonderful time.

  5. Hey Andrea! This is one place I would love to go. The waterfall is lovely. I am sure the scenic view was a good reward for your tired feet and body ;-D Btw, the hyacinth gave me good lessons. Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. How absolutely beautiful. I, too, love waterfalls. What a magical place that must be.

  7. Beautiful beaches and waterfalls Andrea! I thought your title was leading to a post on water . . . but not a drop to drink. For water day. I meant to post about it. I can imagine the sounds that surround these spectacular places.

  8. Water, water everywhere is true here too, but it's heavy rain instead. I love the photos of the waterfalls. Looks so picturesque, like a postcard!

  9. Such lovely beach and beautiful waterfall! I can imagine the freezing cold of that waterfall but would love to picnic and bathe there!

  10. Beautiful falls. I could spend days and days in such a place.

    I love looking at moving bodies of water, except tsunami and flood :), they have a calming effect on me. They say its because of the negative ions generated by the flowing water, maybe.

  11. There is so much rustic charm in this place, it also looks quite serene. I love the first picture, especially on the angle that you have taken it. I feel like I also standing there on the sand, listening to Andrea, my personal tourist guide and friend telling me about the place.

  12. The falls brought back memories of a magical swim in Jamaica going from falls to pool to lower falls etc. So fun. I wore a one-piece.

  13. Hello Betsy - haha, i am sure this is not as gorgeous as those you've been to! You're just kind. If you will come over, i will take you and George there!

    Helen - the province is Siquijor!

    gardenwalkgardentalk - i replied also in your post, i was laughing with your comment. Yes of course, you are from the mother of all waterfalls and these are only maybe the youngest. Maybe it is the place around it which makes it different, the naivete of the area, or its cuteness, haha.

    One - yes you are right. I please look at my reply to Donna above, its naivete and cuteness is its asset, maybe!

    Stephanie - yes, it made us practice our photography! thanks.

    Ginny - thanks for your visit, hope you come again, waterfalls or not.

    Carol - i should have been naughtier, coz i almost include a photo of our famous 'halo-halo' or mix-mix of sweets with ice shavings inside a coconut fruit as the bowl, because it is water too.

    Tina - yes it looks like the Caucasian tourists enjoyed it.

  14. Aaron - thanks for your appreciation of my photos, and i envy Malaysia for having the rains as we are now just coming into the dry season!

    p3chandan - yes the water is cold both at the beach and at the waterfalls. But we did not bathe nor swim, we just try to take nice photos.

    SR - yes you are right the negative ion concentration in areas like this is high, especially also because not many people are present. But as Donna said Niagara is the most famous waterfalls, and she is from there. Though the sheer might of that one can be frightening, i agree also with One, the gentler ones are also enticing.

    Autumn Belle - when i go to Malaysia next time, can we go see a waterfalls? Maybe Betsy's fondness for waterfalls is contagious! haha.

    Carolyn - haha, did you see the man on top right hand corner, he just slip-off his trunks right there in front of many people! We here, are not like that yet!

  15. Love's great being near the ocean..only 3 miles to the Atlantic.
    Lovely post.

  16. I'm a water baby and one day I will go play in Cambugahay Falls in Lazi, Siquijor! Nice shots, Andrea!

  17. Surely you live in paradise - the waterfall are beautiful, the photography wonderful!

  18. The waterfall pictures are beautiful, Andrea. I especially like the pictures where you slowed the shutter speed.

  19. What a beautiful paradise - thank you for sharing this place

  20. Andrea, this post is so beautiful! I love it! And yes, I love waterfalls too :)

  21. The water and landscapes are beautiful!

  22. Nice shots Andrea! I'd love to go back with my kids. Did you go to the monastery in Lazi? We only went to Salagdoong beach for lunch. We didn't really swim there. We did go night diving near the pier. Lots of wonderful critters to see.

  23. Patsy-hi, thanks for dropping by, i will look at your area near the Atlantic, because we are in the Pacific.

    Francisca - this is no match to the history and culture you have been in right now!

    Byddi - yes it was like paradise as not many people are there yet, unspoilt nature!

    Linda - it actually is our purpose, studying to shoot moving water! This is just chicken for you!

    Klaraau -thanks for the visit of the orchidist. They also love waterfalls.

    Sunita - yes i know you love waterfalls too, how i wish i can see those you posted from India, however going there is so costly for me, hehe.

    EG Wow - thanks for the visit and appreciation.

    Bom - we went to every crannies and nooks in Siquijor. We hired an AUV and we woke up before sunrise for the shoots however clouds did not cooperate. All churches, convents, beaches, sanctuaries are covered, it was a complete enumeration, hahaha! But we were intent in shooting moving waters. For sea animals Anilao is better and cheaper for me as it is in my town. If you want contacts for AUV next time i can give you numbers, ours is kind and responsible.

  24. Now that's a waterfall. It's so beautiful! All of your pics are wonderful....I love the lush green tropical background.

  25. oh my gosh, what a perfect little piece of paradise. This is like something out of the movies for me!


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